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YOLO Kunce
Small calorie deficits work in your favour for strength gains. Avoid copying the kids, wanting everything immediately and rushing straight into a 1000kcal deficit hoping for a mad cut. Once the honeymoon is over they wonder why their weight loss is stalling lol.


Hooded Kunce
I find ~700 to be a better number for deficit. Mainly due to things such as, I have an extra coffee with close to a cup of milk, that is roughly 100 cal. Other bits and bobs, bang! Easily 100cal I didn't overly account for etc, putting in 250g chicken even if it says 262 because I cbf, it is just a fudge factor


Well-known member
Also depends on how long you diet and total mass lost obviously :)

For my BB prep last year, I never lost more than 500g per week (for 20 weeks) and my deadlift went from 240 to 227.5. (only lift I could test because of injury).

TBH the only people that can get away with 1000 cal per day deficit are quite overweight. (or don't care about feeling like shit and losing strength/lbm)


Captain Kunce
Small deficit for me over a month or two doesnt really affect my strength. Well, progress slows...but ive never regressed.
But im talking 300-400 deficit tops. Im not one for big fast cuts. I feel the biggest difference to be the training for most people. Last two times i have cut down a bit, i continued with the heavy PL style training, with slightly higher intensity rather the (imo) silly high volume stuff i see alot of guys do when cutting. (Why train higher volumes and more cardio when cutting when you can just eat less and train with a higher intensity?) I see the heavier training as giving the muscles a reason for hanging around.

My 2c.


Well-known member
my weight was down to 88.5kg last week, but bench is now starting to decline. down about 5kg since last October comp, but weight down 4-5kg.

For my August comp, I am hoping to bench 125kg and deadlift 220kg, but will need a sustained period of slightly surplus calories to achieve this. Good thing now is I have room to go up a bit as a 90kg, rather than 98kg lifter like I was in 2011

I think if you can do a zig zag diet staying within a range of 500 surplus/deficit, you probably will not go wrong, as most of us above (and study) have suggested.


Well-known member
That is a really good effort to only lose 5% strength over a 20 week period. deadlift 240kg to 227.5kg


Well-known member
That is a really good effort to only lose 5% strength over a 20 week period. deadlift 240kg to 227.5kg

hmm yeah not bad now I think about it a bit more. 12% bw drop. I was only deadlifting at the start and the end of that cut because of injury so I'm not sure how it would have gone throughout. And my form at the end was probably a bit average too so possibly not just muscle loss contributing.