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Take that Sherk!



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ALL the time! Yes, it's partially due to length... I do go through actual sheds sometimes, so that's something.
Textbook normal shedding is max. 150 hairs per day. But actual normal shedding isn't compared to number of hairs, but to the consistency of it. If you usually lose 50 hairs and now you're losing 200, be alarmed. Get some tests done, eat healthier. If you've been losing 200 a day for all of your life, with no ill effects, then it's just the way you work-and aside from rogaine, which will pretty much stop shedding(stop the treatment and you will shed everything that should have been shed anyway), there is nothing you can do.
If you experience abnormal shedding https://whatroseknows.com/rescue-hair-911-review/, as I said, some basic health tests are in order, to check for thyroid 'malfunction', vitamin deficiency, anemia, etc. Hair is pretty much optional, so at the first sign of stress, the body will redirect energy from it to the more important parts- brain, muscles, etc.Thus hair(shedding) is a pretty cool alarm signal.
Aside from correcting whatever deficiency there is, you can go through a detox regimen, take some A&E vitamins, perhaps biotin, and/or spray coffee/black tea at your roots. This should also increase your growth rythm
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