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survival kit



what type of recovery/mechanic gear do you guys carry in your packs? i figure i would pack towards the type of riding i'll be doing which will be mostly commuting to work and light trail duty. off the top of my head, i can only think of tire tube patches and a hand pump. the guy at the lbs said something about a chain wrench, but i'm not sure about that.



i carry a couple spare tubes, tire levers, patch kit, pump, couple zip ties, and a topeak alien II multitool. get yourself a decent multitool, most multitools have all the basic tools you'll need for minor tune-ups and repairs. the bike shop guy meant a chain breaker, a chainbreaker will enable you to take your chain off or put new links on your chain in case your chain would break.


while i don't any cross country or down hill racing , but do a fair bit of riding along the paved bike tracks down by the river , the little water bottle i got with my bike wasn't supplying me with enough water , so brought myself a hydration pack ($50 dead little suckers) but the advantage is it carries all my gear , puncture kit , tube , tools , snack, first aide


1. Water. Take enough to keep hydrated... and then some.

2. Food. an energy boost for the trail.

3. Tool Kit. includes at least the following: an extra tube or two, tire patch kits, a multi-tool (good ones have chain breaks Allen keys, wrenches, etc.) and extra spokes.

4. Trail Information. This will help you to know where you are going without getting lost.

5. First Aid Kit. Take a small kit with assorted bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, and a large triangular bandage, just in case.

6. Extra Clothing. This is a seasonal option. When it’s cold, you can never have enough protection against the elements.

7. Eye Protection. Sunglasses, sport glasses or glasses specifically made for biking are a must. Save your eyes from flying debris and stray sticks.

8. Bicycle Pump. A necessity on the trail.

9. mobile phone


along with carrying all the essentials such as money , identification , tubes and tools , patches , zip ties and rope , i also carry Duct Tape. It's a durable and versatile with many uses.

The following is a list of just a few possible uses
* Hold together a broken bicycle saddle or cover a rip in the saddle.
* Use to attach a bike tire pump to your frame if a mounting bracket breaks.
* Repair rips in pannier bags, pouches, hydration packs or even your cycling jersey and shorts.
* If the velcro straps for your saddle pouch break use duct tape to attach pouch to saddle rail and seatpost.
* If you have a small flashlight or light source with you and are caught after dark, attach it to your helmet or handlebars.
* Reinforce cracked or broken helmet, Always replace a compromised helmet with a new one.
* For safety, especially late in day, use reflective duct tape on your bike or helmet.
* Tape an energy bar under your saddle for easy/emergency access.
* Use to hold together broken eyewear.
* Attach an extra water bottle or energy drink to your frame on a long ride.
* fixing a flat.


* shoes
* gloves
* 2 tubes (some may opt for 2)
* mini-pump (or CO2 w/ catridges)
* patch kit
* small multi tool with hex's
* 1 powerbar (or other energy bar of choice)
* a small first aid kit
* mobile phone(might not get reception, but just in case)
* assorted zip ties
*some money
*whistle and small mirror