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sust 250 - experiences ?


New member
Hi all,
Long time on looker; first time poster.

Have been experiencing poor gains from gym, and very little sex drive. Which is concern to me as I am only 20.

Been training for 3 years. Last year and a half have been serious - 5 times a week.

Am looking at going to docter to have my testosterone levels checked with a blood test. Have done some research on things which cause low testosterone, and the only thing that is a red flag is lowering my calorie and carbs to tone up a bit. Other then that I'm doing everything else right.

My question is - for those who have had sustanone 250 what have your experiences been? What should I have with it and what do I need to look out for ?

I know it might be premature asking before I get a blood test etc. But I'm sure ill come back with low levels and have spoken with my doc before about it and he said to have my levels checked if there is no change (was 2months ago) and he will prescribe sust 250
I've tried different zma products and natural test boosters, but didn't change my sex drive or anything. Without a blood test I guess its hard to say how much of a difference it made but it didn't feel to me it did anything
I know it might be premature asking before I get a blood test etc. But I'm sure ill come back with low levels and have spoken with my doc before about it and he said to have my levels checked if there is no change (was 2months ago) and he will prescribe sust 250

I call bullshit no GP in the world would say I will just give you sust 250. Any GP will first go through the bullshit of testogel, the implant and any other option, more likely they will just send you to an endo specialist.

I highly doubt the first thing your GP did was say oh yeah you have low test lets give you a self administered injectable drug.

Unless of course your GP was some shaved ape and he filled the script in the gym carpark then dispensed it from his bumbag.
A friend went there saying he wanted to do steroids and the docter put him on sust 250.
But only gave him two scripts.

I brought my issue up with the doc when I was there for tonsilitis and spoke to him about my low sex drive etc.
As to afterwards/ post using any man who has been around the block will concur that P.C.T is a myth (unless your one of the unlucky few to experience gyno) the body will sort its shit out over time though your sex drive will be nonexistent for a period. I have used sus as P.C.T that is how mild it is.

Even though I dont know much about this stuff, this part made me rofl.
I'm not looking for huge gains, just to be at a normal level range of testosterone. I won't be abusing the stuff if that's what my doctor prescribes.
woody's advise is really bad and should be COMPLETELY ignored. 1000mg/week as a starting dose is double what is normally recommended, plus he wants you to stack it? and anyone who says pct is a waste of time is fucking retarded.

if your test levels do come back low there are a bunch of other options to help get your levels up naturally, which i would recommend you thoroughly research and try before looking at exogenous hormone injections. things like DAA are a good place to start. (zma and trib have been proven to not effect your test levels at all. magnesium CAN help, but only if you take massively high doses.) check out ergo-log for some articles.

if you do end up on HRT, unless you want to be on it forever, you may want to talk to your doctor (or endocrinologist) about the use of HCG to prevent leydig cell death. you will also want to closely scrutinize your diet with regards to cholesterol as steroids tend to do really nasty things to your ldl/hdl/trig/and overall levels.

if you're going to take the sus250, provided your diet and training are in check, and you look after your cholesterol with olive oil and krill oil, you wont need to take anything else with it. it is considerably more then the average male produces per week anyway.
Okay thanks there matt.

My only fear is having to stay on it. Not too sure what my other options are will have to ask doc when I see him early next week
Went to doctor today to get results of my bloodtest,
Seems I'm on the.very low point, from 8-30 I got a score of 8.

Now this doctor wants me to wait 5 weeks and get another test but earlier then 10am

Would've thought he would take my age into account, seeing as I'm 20 not 45
A friend of a friend of mine took Sustanon 250 stack a while back - good results/gains but not without horrific bloating and of course acne.