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  1. C

    Shoulder Tendon Tear

    I have been diagnosed with a partial tendon tear in my right shoulder plus bursitis. It manifests as a general weakness in the shoulder when doing bench presses, flies, etc. Does anyone have experience of going down the surgical route. I’m interested in knowing if the repair is 100% and if full...
  2. J

    Online purchasing

    Hey people, just looking for a good online source to purchase vials from. I use to purchase from gear-Phoenix but they seem to no longer exist. All the other websites that claim to sell have very bad reviews so I don’t want to Rick loosing my money. Does anyone have any suggestions or good...
  3. F

    DNP any good?

    Just bought some DNP , came pretty quickly, only took 3 days. Seems good to go...anyone else here had experiences
  4. Stiff 2G

    Homosexuality and You

    Have you, do you, or have you thought about it. Tell us your experiences.
  5. S

    DMHA and road side drug tests

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone on this site that is taking DMHA supplements has had any experiences with road side drug testing. Does it give a false positive result ? Im only concerned with road side drug tests, I bought alot before it got banned and now worried about taking it. thanks.
  6. A

    Most Underrated Exercises Thread

    What are some underrated exercises that not many do anymore to grow certain body parts better based on your experiences?
  7. A

    Night shift workers, how do you fit exercise into your schedules?

    Tell us your experiences of how you navigated night shifts or being nocturnal and working out
  8. Shrek

    PWO Carbs - Share your experiences.

    Do you take them, dextrose, waxy maize starch, Vitargo etc? How much do you take? Where did you buy it? How much did you pay? What are/were the results?
  9. S

    ATP Science

    Has anyone used ATP products. Interested in their fat burner and estrogen detox; T432 and Alpha Venus. I have listened to their pod cast and watched their youtube videos, would like to hear from some personal experiences.
  10. A

    Pete Rubish - Experiences on Clenbuterol

  11. M

    Experiences with too much tuna (mercury)?

    Hi all, I've been lurking a bit too long so I thought I'd ask about one of my favourite foods. I eat a lot of tuna as it is so cheap but eventually I started thinking that eating it in the quantities that I do could lead to mercury poisoning.. As with most things like this, there seems to be so...
  12. L

    clen, dnp experiences anyone?

    Hi all. I am wondering who has tried either clen or dnp and can share their expereinces with me. e.g. fat loss, side effects, which one was more effective? thank you
  13. W

    Personal experiences with muscle memory

    I am considering taking an extended break from lifting later in the year. I am interested in hearing personal stories from those who have taken a break, suffered an injury or been prevented from lifting for extended periods of time (two months plus) and how long it took you to get back to your...
  14. E

    sust 250 - experiences ?

    Hi all, Long time on looker; first time poster. Have been experiencing poor gains from gym, and very little sex drive. Which is concern to me as I am only 20. Been training for 3 years. Last year and a half have been serious - 5 times a week. Am looking at going to docter to have my...
  15. Big Mick

    Swinging Lifestyle / Open Relationships

    Has anyone had any experience with this, either good or bad? Has anyone been approached by anyone or been put in strange situations? Has anyone considered it? Has anyone beens asked by their partner?? Is anyone into it with their wife or GF?? This could also include three somes, which I...
  16. spartacus

    CAPO legends: Laurie Butler

    CAPO has many of Australia's past and present greatest powerlifters. Here I feature Laurie Butler. Laurie Butler’s powerlifting career is simply outstanding. Laurie placed second in the 1988 IPF world championships (Perth, Australia) in the 90kg division with a 845kg total, including a 330kg...
  17. G

    good experiences - TBOL?

    Just wondering if anyone has had good results with tbol (oral turinabol not the supplement) Or,was there something you ran that provided similar results; ie huge strength gains and lean muscle . Also be interested to know if you thought a PCT was necessary and what liver support you chose. Thanks
  18. Shrek

    Greg Kovacs Talks About His Experiences with Nasser El Sonbaty!

    The Kovacian: My Experience with Nasser El Sonbaty! From RX MUSCLE The Kovacian: My Experience with Nasser El Sonbaty! Written by Greg Kovacs Wednesday, 30 March 2011 00:07 Share 29 Since everyone keeps asking me to talk about Nasser El Sonbaty. . .about how we met and became, what I...
  19. Stevo82

    Experiences with Wendlers 5/3/1

    Just wondering what other peoples experiences were with using 5/3/1 compared to Ripptoes or PTC's seeing that the big four are done only once a week. I have been on Fadi's begginer program for around 6 weeks and I have had good gains's around 4-5kgs of mass with about the same or less BF, but...