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Treg's round 2


New member
Run out of time today the gym closed at 4

Rack pull
2x10 50kg
1x8 80kg
1x10 100kg
2x10 110kg

Lat pull down V grip
1x10 14 plates
2x10 15 plates

Bb row
4x10 50kg

Ezy bar curls
4x10 25kg


New member
I never made it to the gym yesterday I took the family to the beach instead so i guess that counts as a workout swimming chasing the dog around well it sure felt like a workout the only thing I forgot was the sunscreen. I will post some pics of the lobster look soon

Oh and it's legs tonight
Last edited:


New member
It doesnt look to bad in these pic's but it's red hot and sore not looking forward to squats tonight




New member

Shit workout really shit

Front squat
3x8 30kg

1x5 50kg
1x5 60kg sunburn killing me
1x5 70kg

Leg ext
1x15 45kg
3x15 55kg

Seated leg curl
1x15 12 plates
3x15 14 plates

S/m calf raise
3x15 40kg

45 leg press calf raise
3x15 100kg

Pull ups

What ever i rested my back on f-ing killed I'm an idiot


New member

My back felt a bit better tonight not sure if it's because it's fried lol I spent all day in the son today loading loaders and washing trucks good cardio if nothing else I just hope I get a good tan from this .

Oh I did use sunscreen today

Bench press
2x8 50kg
1x6 70kg
1x6 90kg
2x4 90kg

Decline db press
3x8 32.5kg

Incline db pec fly
3x8 29kg

Cable fly
1x12 65kg
1x12 80kg
2x12 100kg

Tri pull down
1x12 70kg
3x12 85kg

Rope tri pull down
3x12 55kg


New member

Pull ups
3x8 @bw

Rack pulls
1x8 69kg
1x8 100kg
3x5 120kg

Lat pull down
3X10 14 plates

Cg chin ups
3x8 @bw

Bb curl
3x8 30kg

Preacher curl
3x8 29kg

Side to side leg raise
3x14 @bw

Fb sit ups


New member
Missed out on the last 2 weeks been to busy fishing and helping mates move well they are both workouts sort of lol back in the gym now tho just threw around some light weights today sort of full body just to get that feeling back . Boy did I miss the gym


New member
Still training hard I have a really good training partner that pushes me it's just what I need i won't be posting my workouts but I'm still in this might even post a few pics in the next month or two


Fucked up Kunce
Look forward to the progress pics Tregs.

I forgot what it's like to train with a partner. Maybe one day. :(

Good luck.


New member
Ok thought I'd better report in I stopped training for a while but still checked in and looked around here. I stopped training for awhile I have had 6 family/friends pass away in a very short time I've been drinking and eating shit but that's life. I started back at the gym and I noticed things that were broken when I stopped going were still broken when I went back so I started to think about a home gym. I'm going to get what I need and do it I'm not paying a membership for shit that won't even get fixed.
Yes I'm pissed (drunk) night out with family and yes I'm still in this comp spare tyre and all.


Fucked up Kunce
Things will turn around Tregs.
Hard to focus on gym when too much other shit going on.
You'll be back brother.

Head Kunce