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Un-even Pecs



Hi there,
I'm new to the forum, tried introducing myself in the 'Introduce yourself' area but the page wouldn't pop up for me.
I'm into bodybuilding (hence the reason for coming here :D), have been training fro the last 4-5 yrs, buts its only in the past 2 years or so that I have seen significant changes, mainly because of changing my diet and hitting the supplements.
Anyway enough with the jibber jabber. I'm 6'1", lean, which i'm trying to beef up, all is going well so far, i think, but one thing that concerns me is that my left pec seems to be bigger than my right, yet i'm right handed...???
Anyone heard of this or experienced it? Will they continue growing that way throughout? I don wana be walking looking defalted on one side :-[
My chest routine in no particular order of preference (Like to switch from time to time, to keep my muscles guessing):
* Good ol benchpress (alternating with the smith machine)
* Dumbell presses
* Pec Dec and/or Cable crossovers.
* Decline bench Dumbell press; I do these occasionally.


Welcome to Ausbb

its a normal thing for one side to be bigger then the other , in time they will even out

Just continue on as normal until your weaker side starts to give out, that is when you'll know that the set is done. Keep going like this till strength and size evens up. It wont happen overnight but it will happen