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What’s going on?

Let’s get rid of all these categories; bodybuilders, powerlifters, nutrition let’s keep it simple, coz it is, it should be a healthy endeavour, but more than ever this industry is full of corruption and criminals.

Let’s start talking truth, lifting is (to me) a very personal thing, whatever you do it works and works real fast, normally things slow down in terms of adaption and more often than not people believe doing more is better, which can work for some.

Looking back at past conversations is really fascinating most of them are based on “training” for something other than actually trying to become stronger in a safe healthy way.

The motivation is to be admired by others usually other men (creepy)

The motivation need to be deep, to come from you, it’s you against you.
The world is going to shit and it won’t be getting better, the thing to do now is to “stay tight” be prepared
What are you doing?

Face up to it.

Things are not good. Everything is changing...a lot of it
changes before our eyes.
And yes, things were always changing but "animal faith" taught us that there was an evolution towards the good going on...I get no deep feeling that that is happening now. OK, I'm an old bastard my days might
indeed be numbered (big deal)... but in a very clear way the game is changing.

To survive... with the ability to think for myself and to grow and to feel is
very very important right now (especially with a culture that is working very
hard to get everyone to obey and to do what they are told to do...).

With the end of the traditional means where-by information was passed along
the "iron game"(I really hate to use that term...) has really changed... being part
of a group is in strong play now... surrendering self-responsibility by paying
somebody else to "supervise your training" and "help you get motivated" is
viewed as some kind of a good thing, when the art form has always been or should have been: YOU learning to get the most out of your-self...YOU being responsible for YOU and training being part of a very personal discipline where YOU gain responsibility and self-identity.

It's not talked about much
these days...BUT that's how I view it.

Finding "how things work" relative to training isn't hard to learn...you don't need experts or a leader or encouragement from someone else...nor do you need drugs or silly supplements... cut the crap...just do it.

The key relationship is between YOU and YOU.

YOU challenge your self... then YOU step up to the challenge... it's a way to train... it's a way to live.

YOU lead your own dance.

Seek information from others and where-ever you can find it, develop your ability to dig down inside your self AND GET THE MOST OUTTA YOU...

For those that have been slugging it out for the last 15 and over says a lot about how one views their own training


Fucked up Kunce
I see so many people my age , unfit, fat, unhealthy looking, it motivates me to train.

Mobility or lack there of is the main motivating factor.

@Goosey said something that still resonates for me.

Train like your life depends on it, because it does.

Cheers bloke.


Registered Rustler
If you think you NEED 70 sets/week for a muscle, you don’t know how to fucking train with any sort of intensity or focus
In the 1970's "fitness" came of age.

One of the major reasons was
the work done by Kenneth Cooper,M.D. His book "Aerobics" and its
systematic approach to fitness were a huge factor in "fitness"
being accepted by the mainstream public.

On the heels Dr. Cooper
came Arthur Jones and his Nautilus machines.

Jones' machines were very very important in helping establish strength training
as a part of the fitness movement.

The reason that this happened
was in part that Jones and the machines provided a "systematic approach" to weight training and nobody had ever successfully done that before.

Nautilus centers and the programs
in YMCA's, racquet clubs, schools, wellness centers and major health club chains provided easy access for weight training...the Nautilus way of recommended training provided short and effective workouts.

The staff at Nautilus Sports/Medical Industries provided training
information and all the answers about training.
Not only "fitness"
but "strength training" became a part of how the mainstream lived.

Now, many I benefitted from this phenomenon But the problem here
is that while the masses benefitted from a "complete system" "complete
sysyems" might not be the way to go...

Weight training is! first and most importantly a way to learn about your self.

"Complete systems"
seem to dilute that process.

Systems that "have all the answers"
leave little room for discovery of any kind... In fact, stay away from anybody who says he has all the answers.

Figure it out.