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Recent content by aQuilla

  1. aQuilla

    SUPP Grow

    Well this is my first review of any supplement so be easy on me. :D Taste: 4.5/5 This is not the first protein powder that I have tried and I honestly think that there are better-tasting supplements that I have tried but this one isn't really bad. I actually like the taste not being so...
  2. aQuilla

    Is this a good pre workout?

    I recently ordered and used this protein + creatine supp as my preworkout shake. I'm new to this kind of stuff so I just gave it a try since a friend is claiming that his has helped him having extra juice on heavy workout days a lot of that maybe from the creatine component. So far I actually...
  3. aQuilla

    SUPP Natural Protein: No reviews yet?

    Hello guys! Tried searching in the forum and I can't find a review for Supp Natural Protein. I was introduced by a friend to this product last month but I kinda forgot about it. Just now I was able to come across a forum where this was mentioned so tried searching for a review here but I...
  4. aQuilla

    Any idea about the brand Supp?

    My teenager niece asked me about this supplement that he wants to order online. My niece is a skinny 16 year old who wants to gain bulk and by that he means muscle. I am a little bit puzzled by this supp because it is for gaining but with creatine and claims that it is best taken 30 mins post...
  5. aQuilla

    Music Meditation

    I actually have posted this in some forums as well but would like to want to know your views and opinions about music that induces better meditation. This website says that you can enhance your psychic ability and other stuffs like mental toughness and mind control while listening to this...
  6. aQuilla

    Cigarettes Alternative

    Hi guys! So I have a problem with my dad actually. I have been trying to convince him about quitting smoking. He's 65 years old already but still smokes like hell! He had been advised by his doctor to quit smoking a few years back but he only stopped for a week and complained that he craves for...
  7. aQuilla


    Anyone interested in triathlon here? I think if you want to lose weight, triathlon is something that you should really consider. This is more of a cardio exercise because swimming, cycling and running are three of the most effective cardio exercise that I ever known. I'm actually interested to...