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Recent content by haz

  1. haz

    (Sydney) Participants needed for a study into the acute effects of intensity

    Hello guys, Im doing another study looking at the acute effects of intensity (high vs low) on muscle fatigue. Both intensity's will be taken to failure several times to see how the body response to the accumulated fatigue in order to allow you to keep exercising. It will be at UWS...
  2. haz

    D aspartic acid question

    Um, I think over 4 weeks the results weren't unanimous for an increase in test, some people responded and some did not. I was in the placebo group. I don't think it has been published yet. It is my understanding that the researcher is doing a follow up for 12 weeks, which is currently being...
  3. haz

    Personal trainers insurance and registraion

    Sorry guys for this super boring thread, I need personal trainers insurance and don't want to spend 220 with fitness Australia. Is there anywhere else to get insured? Any of the personal trainers out there doing something different with insurance and registration? Appreciate any help.
  4. haz

    First CrossFit Study: It Works Wonders, If You Can Survive

    Crossfit is good. For me it's about getting good at alot of things. Each seem to help each other. I'm stronger doing Crossfit than I was training for powerlifting. My gym workouts are hard as fuck.
  5. haz

    Research testing for D-Aspartic Acid at Sydney University

    It has begun now. Testing is happening. Im a subject, start tomorrow, i didn't plan on it but may as well. Its just DAA 3mg vs DAA 6mg vs Placebo, I'm pretty sure Its only a four week study now
  6. haz

    Participants in Resistance training study - Campbelltown, Sydney

    Hey Eman, I'd love for you to be a subject. I could probably use a helper as well. Come do the study and then see if you'd like to help out. I know its holidays but if you want to come to uni next week, We can do your familisation and 1rm frontsquat testing anytime on Monday, Tuesday or...
  7. haz

    Participants in Resistance training study - Campbelltown, Sydney

    Hey guys, Long time no type. I am conducting a study as we speak on the effects of volume on acute fatigue. Some researchers state the which ever program elicits the most acute fatigue will produce the best results. My supervisor conducted a 12 week study with 1, 4 and 8 sets to failure. He...
  8. haz

    100 burpees Challenge!

    nice job man. Im thinking I may need some of these soon. mix things up.
  9. haz

    Test Booster Res100

    I have been using it for a month now. Im pretty sure I can notice a difference. Im more energetic, more resilient to fatigue, Im able to train more often, sex drive has improved, mood is also better. I plan on buying some more today or tomorrow.
  10. haz


    steve, I plan on competing in wraps, but I dont want to wrap up for 10 sets a squat day. should I just add 10kg to my raw weight and do one to two wrapped sets?
  11. haz

    Adding luecine !

    Ive been adding in BCAA pills around my meals and during the day. It cant hurt, and they are cheap. Also the evidence on amino acids increasing muscle protein synthesis is pretty good.
  12. haz


    I iherb on the frequent.
  13. haz

    Nootropic product coming soon!

    Looking forward to this
  14. haz

    Intermediate/Advanced Routine

    Ive been following it for upper body since the start of december. I am enjoying the training session. Its not as hard as you think. I am bigger,( gained a cm on each arm and 2cm on the chest). the thread is full of knowledge bombs dropped by the guy who wrote it, Kelei. I would recommend...
  15. haz

    Intermediate/Advanced Routine

    Intermediate/Advanced Routine D1 - Chest, front/side...