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Recent content by jamesyboi

  1. J

    In the news

    Bodybuilder destroyed by steroids - YouTube Sad to see Justin in this current condition I hope his health improves (if that is possible) I knew him over 20 years ago when he was living with friends of mine and I used to live with his old training partner Dean. All the best Justin
  2. J

    Doug McGuff BioChemistry Video

    If you have a spare 90 minutes, this video isn't too bad, reminds me a bit of the fundamentals and basics from the book "New Rules of Lifting" by Alwyn Cosgrove. Doug Mcguff's lectures can be quite candid yet long winded at times. He also talks briefly about shagging women and not just about...
  3. J

    In the News

    Interesting read Love the "carbs" and "water" comment. http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/news/crime-court/a-dad-who-turned-to-steroid-trafficking-will-go-to-jail-after-he-was-found-guilty-in-a-southport-court/story-fnje8bkv-1226983862631
  4. J

    The Rock @World Gym today

    http://www.goldcoastbulletin.com.au/...ab78f911b450b4 Anybody run into Dwayne @Worlds Ashmore today?
  5. J

    RIP - The Ultimate Warrior

    RIP Ultimate Warrior My guess is the "experts" will claim he died from AAS usage.
  6. J

    RIP Larry Scott

    1st Mr Olympia passes away at 75 RIP
  7. J

    Gold Coast News

    POLICE have smashed a “sophisticated” home steroid drug lab on the Gold Coast. In a joint operations, officers from Taskforce Maxima and Customs raided the Bonogin home this morning and uncovered two separate laboratories at the home. A 31-year-old man is assisting police...
  8. J

    Justin Bieber on Clenbuterol

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2545738/Justin-Biebers-recent-antics-caused-growing-dependence-steroids-commonly-used-horses.htmlJustin Bieber's antics 'caused by growing dependence on steroids' www.dailymail.co.uk I hope the link works. Isn't he such a mass-monster?
  9. J

    HGH Releaser

    What's everybody's thoughts on this? Load of crap? or any good? Buy HGH Releaser GenF20 Plus | 2013?s Best Human Growth Hormone I never seen the product before advertised until today.
  10. J

    Muscle by Sam Fussell

    Has anybody read "Muscle" by Sam Fussell? Probably the best autobiography ever written by a bodybuilder. If you haven't read it, then buy it. I've read it 7 times now since 1991. Does anybody know when the movie for this is coming to the cinemas? Apparently the guy who directed A Place...
  11. J

    RIP Greg Kovaks

    http://www.rxmuscle.com/articles/lat...at-age-44.html Canadian Bodybuilder Greg Kovaks died today of heart failure at the age of 44. "The Strongest Bodybuilder Alive" won his procard at the Canadian Nationals in 1996. From Muscle Insider: "During the late ‘90s, Greg Kovacs dominated the...
  12. J

    What are healthy T-levels? (chart)

    Just a q What are healthy T-levels in men? A friend of mine scored under 10, (I think the USA and AU scoring system differs?) and had to go on 3 x shots of Stanazlol over 6 weeks. I can't find a chart on the net about it and you lot seem to know your shit. Thanks in advance.
  13. J

    DIM - anybody tried it?

    I have been reading a bit about DIM lately. As I have had bad gyno since I was 13 years old, and my doctors advice at the time was "You should bench press" pretty good advice really. So, I took his advice and I grew from a 30 to a 49 inch chest (natty) I feel ripped off, having the gyno and...
  14. J

    2013 IFBB - Qld Championships

    Hi I took some (hopefully not too dodgy) videos at the competition yesterday and wanted to share them. I have a heap of photos (that I need to add maybe later) Hope the videos work out, Johnnie Jackson was HUGE. Amazing 54 kg loss (mum over 40 years also) - YouTube Pedro's Routine - IFBB...
  15. J

    Fat People lazy as dole bludgers (Today Tonight)

    Trainers' controversial campaign - Today Tonight Who saw this? It's creating a allot of comments from the bleeding hearts society that is forsure. I can see their points, but their delivery was maybe slightly rough.