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Recent content by jon

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    Exercise of the Day – SwissBall Pike

    Exercise of the Day – SwissBall Pike If you want to work your abs, build up your level of core stabilization, and get a great shoulder workout all at the same time, then The Pike is the exercise for you! YouTube - Stability Ball Pike Swissball Pike The video above shows you how to perfrom...
  2. J

    Beginners Shoulder Workout Guide

    Beginners Shoulder Workout Guide Always remember to warm up correctly for these exercises. stand with your arms relaxed by your sides. Lift your left arm and draw it towards your right shoulder. Hold your left elbow with your right hand and apply some pressure on it gently. Hold...
  3. J

    Beginners Leg Workout Guide

    Beginners Leg Workout Guide As always a good warm up routine is needed before Before exercising. To warm up your legs Run or cycle for 10 minutes (to warm up your muscles) Lunges: This exercise is excellent for working most of the major leg muscles, as well as many of the smaller...
  4. J

    Beginners Chest Training Guide

    Beginners Chest Training Guide Remember to warm up when starting a new exercise.One of the best ways to warm up your chest would have to be with a light press-up session When lifting weights find a weight that will challenge you with resistance but will not force you to...
  5. J

    Beginners Back Workout Guide

    Beginners Back Workout Guide Always remember to warm up for these exercises. lay flat on your tummy, then push your upper body up by pushing your hands down on the floor. keep your hands in line under your chin and look up. keep your arms straight and your hands...
  6. J

    Beginners Abs Workout Guide

    Beginners Abs Workout Guide Doing an Abs workout routine can be performed just about anywhere, at any time. We see all the fancy machines plastered on tv the ab wheel the ab rolled the ab rocker there are many many contraptions on the market, but they aren't needed.All you really need is...
  7. J

    Build Muscle Without Weights With Bodyweight Workouts

    Build Muscle Without Weights With Bodyweight Workouts Build Muscle Without Weights Bodyweight exercises are great for those that are traveling and can't get to a gym , or to combine with your gym workout. You don't need expensive machines or free weights. While bodyweight training can be...
  8. J

    THE ORIGINAL Bill Starr 5x5 training program

    There are many variations of 5x5 training.All are good because the basic principals are sound and what built strength and muscle in the past will still build strength and muscle. Here is the original, as it was first written No tweaks are needed. It works just as it is. Monday – Heavy...
  9. J

    Bill Starr's Original "5x5 for Beginners"

    This exercise is for beginners interested in strength training. Although it's a strength program, it's also good for bodybuilders, as long they are eating enough. This is the original variation by Starr for the beginner to training. In my opinion, even this beginner program will work and...
  10. J

    All in 1: The Butt, Leg, Arm and Core workout

    All in 1: The Butt, Leg, Arm and Core workout intro I am going to show you a classic move that works your butt, legs, arms and core. When doing this exercise, make sure youcontinuouslyengage, by flexing or squeezing, your abdominal (core) muscles. One set takes about 15 seconds or more to...
  11. J

    Full Body Workout 1

    This weight lifting routine is a full body workout, and can be performed… Alternating Days. This routine can be performed on alternating days. Workout using DAY A, rest the next. Perform DAY B, rest again. Weekends Off. With this rotation, you workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only...
  12. J

    Beginner Workout: Get In The Game

    Beginner Workout: Get In The Game So you have decided that is time that you start working out .Congratulations on making the decision this will do wonders to your body, your mind, and your overall well-being. To progress forward to reach your fitness goals quickly and safely, you need a good...
  13. J

    3 Day Muscle Building Split

    3 Day Muscle Building Split This is a full body 3 day a week split geared towards overall muscle growth. This workout routine combines the big compound lifts with some accessory lifts all in 3 days per week. Monday – Legs/Shoulders Squats 4 sets x 8 Stiff Legged Deadlifts 3 sets x 10 Leg...
  14. J

    Total Body Workout

    Total Body Workout[/URL] This workout should be done 3 times a week ,it focuses on all major muscle groups Total Body Workout Barbell Full Squats (3 sets x 20 reps) Machine Lying Leg Curls (2 sets x 12 reps) Dumbbell Flyes (2 sets x 12 reps) Barbell - Bent Over...
  15. J

    Full Body Sculpt Routine

    Full Body Sculpt Routine This full body sculpt routine is great for achieving balanced results in strength and toning. This workout routine gives all muscle groups a workout for every session. The routine is a 3 day a week routine. Day 1 Full Body Machine Leg Press (3 sets x...