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Recent content by leachy

  1. leachy

    [BRI] - FS MM Power Rack, Weights, Prowler

    Hi Guys I have the following for sale. 1x Muscle Motion Commercial Power Rack (Black) 1x MM Commercial Bench 1x MM Dip Attachment 2x Muscle Motion Oly Bars 4x 25kg Plates 2x 20kg 2x15kg 4x10kg 2x5kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg 1x Force USA Prowler Plus a heap of the commercial gym flooring, which I...
  2. leachy

    Squat is Broken

    My squat just won't move. Just this year my deadlift has gone from 190 to 210 and my bench from 80 to 90, however it feels like my squat is getting worse. Here are some workouts from the last 3 months. Today I couldn't even get 145 above parallel. It really feels like right now atm, I...
  3. leachy

    Low Bar Squat

    I have been high bar squatting for a while now. I am getting some irritation in my right hip/groin area, which seems to be getting better from bringing my stance in a bit. After some research, low bar squatting seems to easier on the back and allow for more weight to be pushed. Some may argue...
  4. leachy

    Missing a Lift

    So I missed a lift yesterday. Hopefully this was put down to external factors like sleep and diet, and I can come good again this week and smash it. It was 135kg for 3 reps, btw. I spent the rest of the workout figuring out what went wrong. Diet, sleep, training, mental state, etc. Have you...
  5. leachy


    Hey, I went to the doctors 2 days ago, complaining of fatigue. Awating the blood test results this afternoon. Just wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with anything similar. Tired in the morning, lack of appetite, just not feeling 100%. And how you dealt/fixed it? Cheers
  6. leachy

    Chalk in Brisbane

    Anyone know where I can buy chalk in Brisbane? I ordered some online but I'd like it a bit sooner. Amart and Rebel don't seem to stock it.
  7. leachy

    Diet Critique

    Stats: 6ft 1, 90kg. Meal 1: 1 cup oats, 3 eggs, 1 banana, 200ml milk. Meal 2: 250g brown rice, 150g tuna. Meal 3: 100g chicken, salad/veges. Meal 4: 100-150g chicken or red meat, veges or salad, sometimes pasta. (This is dinner with the family, rest of the meals are prepared by me. Can't...
  8. leachy

    Easy Personal Training Sessions?

    In the gym I goto I've recently noticed how little the personal trainers push there clients, along with some of the weird exercises they have them doing. For example there is a guy who comes in regularly for a PT session, and he would be well over 150kg and the PT has him doing weird exercises...