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  1. M

    Where are my damn abs hiding

    So bit of background I definitely have a bit of a core weakness that's actually caused an anterior pelvic tilt IMO although I'm not a physio, but it seems like my lower back and hip flexors take on way more of the load in day to day life to make up for my core. Before I started lifting when I...
  2. A

    SARMS - Best AU based place to get them in Nov 2020

    Hey All, The world has changed alot this year and access has changed with it. Keen to hear where you feel is the best AU based place to get sarms in Nov 2020. Look forward to hearing your thoughts Thanks
  3. M

    Just did some rough tape measurements, what should I work on?

    Bit of background info, been lifting around 8 months, 17 yrs old, 177cm and around 165lbs, judging off eye test I estimate myself in the 13-16%bf range so not much fat but abs aren't visible without great lighting. All measurements are cold and flexed. What do you reckon I should focus on...
  4. D

    Forming a 6 pack/rate my training

    Hi everybody. Just wanted to get some feedback on my training regime. Essentially I'm early thirties had a beer belly but I've done about 6 months of cardio and weights so have stripped it mostly off. I have started working harder on my abs but they only seem to be forming on the upper chest...
  5. T

    4 day split

    I'm doing a 4 day split. Mon chest bis Tues back abs Thurs shoulders tris abs Fri legs. Do you think it makes any difference if I do mon wed fri sun instead?
  6. L

    How's it going.

    Hi, Im new here. 36 yrs old, been training.....must be 20+ years now on and off. Got back in to it seriously at the beggining of this year. Will never let life, work or relationships prevent me from doing my thing again. love it. Currently working each muscle twice a week, 5 day split but...
  7. Shrek

    Sissy Squat

    Thinking about purchasing one of these. About $170 from eBay. Any good you reckon?
  8. A

    Bloke Shows Off Brand New Synthol-Enlarged Biceps

    A RUSSIAN bodybuilder has flaunted his 60 centimetre biceps, which he obtained by injecting them with litres of a deadly bulking oil. A BODYBUILDER from Russia with Popeye-like biceps has been slammed for his controversial bulking method that doesn’t involve eating spinach. Kirill Tereshin...
  9. S


    Hi all, First post. I've over indulged (putting it lightly! ) over a couple of years and got up to 100kg. I'm just under 5 foot 9 but i held the weight well. I started training to the extreme 5 months ago and cut the sugar, reduced my calories so I'm in a caloric deficit. I need to be clear...
  10. S

    PT's in Parks

    You see P.T.'s in public Parks all the time now. They all seem to be getting their Clients to do a Circuit type program ie. Medicine Ball lifts and throws, Bands, Push Ups, Abs and other stuff. It seems to me that they are just targeting the ill-informed and running/starting a Business that...
  11. A

    Australia should stop beefing up its steroid laws – that won’t help users

    There has been a dramatic increase in the amount of steroids seized at the Australian border over time. The use of image and performance enhancing drugs – in particular steroids – is a growing area of concern globally. The use of these drugs has traditionally been limited to elite athletes and...
  12. S

    Burpees - yay or nay

    I remember back in the mid 80s, my Sister who is a School Teacher and was a Fitness Fanatic explained how Schools had banned P.E. Teachers from getting Students to do Burpees. I think the reason was Lower Back Injuries - the throwing the Feet out behind the Body on going down. The obvious...
  13. A

    Core goals! – watch this guy with bulging abs of steal get punched in the stomach as

  14. A

    Buff and busted: spike in arrests and seizures for illegal steroids

    Australia's pursuit of the perfect pecs, abs and biceps has led to an explosion in the number of arrests and seizures for illegal steroids. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has released its annual illicit drug data report, revealing a record number of busts across nearly all...
  15. M

    Sleep Aids

    Can't sleep at all lately. Melatonin leaves me groggy so trying to stay away from that. Anyone try somatomax?
  16. G

    New Member - Experienced lifters input needed.

    Hello, I am studying to be a classical/operatic type singer. My voice type is Tenor. That is the male high voice (Like Mario Lanza, Luciano Pavarotti etc) I would like to get into the whole Gym thing. I am just over 30 years old. I just have a few questions, if someone can help elaborate. 1...
  17. Y


    Hey guys I'm about 15 years old and turning 16 next year. I'm looking to join a gym because ive come to realise how lazy I've been (Haven't played sport since year 6) and ive been gaining a fair bit of weight aswell. Im sitting on 70kg and my height is 180cm. I want to convert this fat into...
  18. A

    study shows that beet juice contains a molecule that boosts muscle power.

    nitric oxide. This molecule, Peterson explains, can have the effect of increasing muscle power. A small study from scientists at the Washington University School of Medicine The study looked specifically at the muscles that extend the knee. Also, it included only patients with heart failure...
  19. A

    Vin Diesel addresses body-shaming and his 'dad bod'

    IMAGE: INSTAGRAM BY LINDSEY ROBERTSON16 HOURS AGO The notion that guys don't experience body-shaming has been proven to be totally and completely false. Action star Vin Diesel himself has even been subject to such scrutiny. Photos of a less-than-svelte Diesel recently began circulating, and the...
  20. A

    NSCA Admits Publishing False Claims about CrossFit Injuries

    http://therussells.crossfit.com/2015/09/21/nsca-admits-publishing-false-claims-about-crossfit-injuries/ The National Strength and Conditioning Association is asking the public to disregard the claims its study made regarding injuries in CrossFit. After two years of inaction and litigation, the...