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New member
So bit of background I definitely have a bit of a core weakness that's actually caused an anterior pelvic tilt IMO although I'm not a physio, but it seems like my lower back and hip flexors take on way more of the load in day to day life to make up for my core. Before I started lifting when I was like 67kgs and crazy thin (honestly could've been below 13% bf) I still didn't have abs besides the top 2 when I flexed.
Now, after working out for around a year and a half and just recently getting into a good routine, however getting up to possible 17ish% bf, I think I want to try cut and see how much lean mass I've actually gained and whether I've got abs now. I do plenty of deadlifts and squats these days so should have some more muscle on my abs but obviously diet is the main thing at this stage.

Problem is, I find it very hard to be consistent despite my best intentions to have a good diet - and I don't mean I get lazy and eat a pizza twice a week I mean my meals occur very spontaneously at random times through the day and I kind of just eat what I want when I feel like it (whilst still maintaining a decently high protein intake generally).

Firstly, do you think a lot of ab gains through targeting exercises could also help me to the point where it's worth the time?
Secondly, what kind of dieting approach can I take if I can't have the exact same meals every day? (I go out a lot right now, just finished HSC lol)

Also had one more question. You know how with bulking a slow, lean bulk is way more optimal than a dirty bulk to avoid gaining excess fat;
I wonder how much of that logic is true with cutting - will cutting very quickly cause me to lose a lot of muscle compared to doing it over the course of many months - even if I'm getting a lot of protein/heavy lifting in during that time?
Just skimmed.

A slow bulk or cut is always going to be best.

Everyone has Abs, it's just whether you at a low enough bf for them to show. Obviously the bigger the Ab muscles the slightly less bf you need for em to show.

Don't worry about the BB shit of having a small waist. It's not functional and chix love big strong Ab muscles "gripping" their Guts while you fuck em.