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  1. F

    How big are Junior IFBB bodybuilding competitors?

    Soon ill start my first prep for my first show. Im currently 182cm, 109kg, 10% bf. How big is the average Junior competitor in the IFBB? And whats a good body fat goal for my first show?
  2. M

    5/3/1 Wendler

    Why no sticky?
  3. M

    testosterone levels

    Anybody have a idea what a average level of testosterone in the male body should be ? Have you ever come across a table of average testosterone levels by age ?
  4. Cum Shot


    Any kunts on here use creatine mono?
  5. A

    Arachidonic Acid (ARA)

    Hey All, I've looked and looked (maybe not hard enough) and cannot seem to find any supplement store in Oz that sources Arachidonic Acid (ARA). Like creatine, I believe ARA scores a 5/5 Clinical Support Rating and 5/5 Empirical Evidence Rating. I used it some years ago and it REALLY helped...
  6. S

    The Average Aussie

    KPMG has released the results of last years Census. The typical Australian is (drum roll pls): A female (wtf) She is a 38-year-old, Was born in Australia, Has English ancestry, Is married with two kids, Lives in a home she owns Has finished Year 12, She is independently wealthy due to two...
  7. Australia

    Mrs Chirstian

    not religious, but a good emo song.
  8. A

    What does your typical week at the gym look like?

    What does your gym schedule look like on an average week?
  9. A

    good news everyone : Daily marijuana use linked to lower BMI in chill new study

    People who smoke marijuana daily may be slimmer than those who don't use the drug, a new study suggests. Researchers found that people in the study who used marijuana daily had about a 3 percent lower BMI (body mass index), on average, than those who did not use marijuana at all. "There is a...
  10. A

    Rise of ‘bigorexia’: men with body image issues battling depression

    IT’S called reverse anorexia and it happens to men who believe they are too little and too frail and new research shows its driving men to inject steroids and suffer psychologically. Muscle dysmorphia affects men whose have normal muscle mass but who believe their muscles are inadequate. Sydney...
  11. Shrek

    "Eat til you puke | advice from the largest athlete in the world"

  12. A

    25 year old male sick of being tired. Trying to find an empathetic specialist.

    25 year old Aussie here who could really do with some advice from anyone willing to offer wisdom. I recently underwent a full blood test due to my persistent fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, lack of overall motivation and libido. I'm utterly sick of feeling exhausted and useless on a...
  13. Reide


    I got the vivofit 2 and it told me I am sleeping for 6.5 hours on average. I sort of knew this anyway but is this a bad thing? I literally cannot sleep longer.
  14. A

    6 week running improvement feedback?

    Hi all, Sice i've gone from been told that the next police intake was in July to finding out today the assessment centre is in 6 weeks, i'm in need to quickly get some gains on my running and general endurance. Yes I realise that I should have been focussing on this ages ago, but i'm an idiot...
  15. BrisVegasGhost

    Expensive Dumbbells... 50k with shipping

    I have seen some gyms/fitness institutes have these dumbbells in Australia. Out of reach for the average user.... $38,638.37 for 5kg to 50kg Shipping is $13,137.05 Grand total: $51,775.45 http://watsongym.co.uk/product/watson-pro-dumbbells/ https://watsongym.co.uk/cart/?removed_item=1 13k...
  16. spartacus

    sitting down is bad for health

  17. A

    How strictly do you stick to your macros?

    For those that follow IIFYM, how closely do you stick to yours?
  18. A

    Working out during your lunch break. Share your routine

    1 hour that's all the time you have In that hour, you have to: Leave the office Get to the gym Change into your gym gear Workout (average 2 muscle groups / 3 - 4 exercises each / 8 - 12 reps / including rests etc). Shower/Change Get back to work
  19. chopsuey

    Whats the difference - average and above?

    So whats the go with (as an example) benching - is it normal to bench your body weight? Or is it a pretty impressive thing to bench your body weight - or does it depend what your body weight is? And what about other moves like squats, deadlifts etc? I've been strength training now for only 6...
  20. A

    Superset Me - An average guy spends 3 months training like a bodybuilder.

    Daniel Widdowson lives the life of a body builder for 3 months in order to study the internal, external, psychological, and social effects of the sport.