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  1. O

    [Article] What are the main exercises for body building?- Odeta Stuikys Rose

    Hello Members, This is Odeta stuikys Rose and I'm new here. I want to know what are the basic exercises of bodybuilding for beginners? Please share your valuable views, it will help me a lot to achieve my desired goal. Thanks!!
  2. 0ni

    Thread for religious people

    No atheists allowed
  3. S

    Flu season is about to begin

    Flu season is expected to begin in one week then peak in six weeks (late August). Get your Flu-shot ASAP, wash your hands, cough into your Armpit and wear a Condom.
  4. Goosey

    Dimitri Klokov

    This is the way to press, shit this dude is strong.
  5. A

    Self conscious

    Were you self conscious in the beginning? If so what did you do to overcome this?
  6. A

    Bodybuilding for beginners

    If you could impart any advice for beginners who want to get into bodybuilding what would it be?
  7. A

    As a beginner, how did you set your goals?

    what you were working toward when you started out. What were your short and long term goals and how often did they change?
  8. P

    Hi New here from Adelaide

    Hi everyone I am a 44 year old living in Henley beach SA. I started training last year with a PT and lost 25kgs of fat and gained 8kgs of muscle in 5 months. Since that time I have been unable to find a coach and have done only sporadic training. I have a Cardio trainer 3 times per week but...
  9. A

    Topic of the Week- How Did You Begin Bodybuilding?

    How Did You Begin Bodybuilding? I don't think with anyone it would be a spare of the moment thought ,just woke up one day and decided to start working out. Something possessed us to hit the gym. How and why did you begin bodybuilding? How old were you? Did you wish you could have...
  10. T

    Have you ever taken Steroids?

    Following on from the post on how many people take steroids, may as well do a unanimous poll. Have you ever taken steroids to improve performance, increase muscle mass or any other similar benefit?
  11. P

    Beginners program

    You are a beginner if you cant bench 100kg, squat 140kg and deadlift 180kg. I dont care what your bodyweight is, get bigger, its why your lifting. Bodyweight is not an excuse. I posted this up on another forum a year ago. The pissweak pencil neck poindexters all pointed out that it was biased...
  12. NPR

    Basic Strength Standards

    Here is a great strength standard chart a powerlifter I work with posted on another forum. I thought this forum might like it. http://www.crossfit.com/cf-journal/WLSTANDARDS.pdf It's compiled by very highly regarded strength coaches and I personally think it is a very good indicator or...
  13. M

    is dry oatlmeal as good as cooked?

    i have been adding some oatmeal to my shakes but now i am wonder is it justas as good as when its cooked, does the cooking release all the good stuff ?
  14. A

    A Beginners Guide To Gym Equipment And Workout Accessories

    A Beginners Guide To Gym Equipment And Workout Accessories Starting an exercise program and visiting a gym can be quite confusing with all the equipment scattered around . What is what ? How do you use it? Tthis article will look at and explain some of the most common...