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  1. Y

    Advice on cycle needed pls

    Hey Guys, I know you are probably sick of beginner cycle pls help me not grow boobies type of posts, but I would really appreciate some input. I have read most of the stickies and read through all of the wiki on r/steroids - there is a lot of information and its pretty overwhelming when I...
  2. F

    Beginner Bodyweight Guide?

    To;dr, fat and looking for a good bodyweight program Hey everyone, hope this is the right place to post this (my first post, found the forum through a google search). I’m 30 years old, not once had a gym membership but played sports many years ago. My lifestyle and poor choices (diet) have...
  3. P

    Help with HGH cycle

    Hey guys and gals. My background, I'm coming up to 29 years old and have been training for 8 years now. My start point 184cm and 72kgs. My current around 15 percent bf at 184cm 105kgs. I’ve been using gear on and off for about 3 years now and was really keen to give HGH a go. As a beginner...
  4. blakey72

    First two weeks to a month training?

    Hi all. I'm just at the end of my first week in the gym. I'm 45 and haven't trained for about 15 years so am a little rusty. I thought for the first month I should do some conditioning so I don't injure myself so I'm going 5 days a week, doing very low weights and just doing basically big muscle...
  5. L

    program reviews

    hopefully this will be informative,there is a website on the net which does cover pretty much all the well known programs but i thought it would be interesting to get the opinions of peeps here.
  6. A

    PHA: The low impact exercise that delivers big results

    IT’S the low impact training that delivers high impact results. Skip your next HIIT session and try some PHA training instead. WITH so many benefits it’s easy to see why High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is all the rage. Research shows it burns more calories than steady state cardio...
  7. WoodyAllen

    Olympic lifts: beginner's guide

    Does anyone have a decent video guide to the two olympic lifts? I'm thinking of adding them into my accessory days to help out with flexibility/mobility plus adding speed and balance into the mix. Something with Lidia Valentin would be preferred, but, well, anything is OK, as long as they...
  8. R

    Weightlifting Club

    Our weekly WLC program is for the beginner to experienced lifter looking to take their Weightlifting to the next level. Each week our Expert Coaches take you through the fundamental movements, technique drills, accessory work and coaching specific to you to improve your Olympic Lifting. The...
  9. T

    Does job type have a bearing on strength?

    Hi guys, I have something I would like to get comments/input please. I was training in my gym the other day with my nephew Paul. He is 30 about 6 foot 3 inches tall, around 95 kilos and works in a maintenance crew falling trees. He is the climber whereby he climbs to the tops of the trees...
  10. A

    A Week-by-Week Guide to Becoming a Runner (Later in Life and/or Safely)

    Whether it’s events like Tough Mudder, a marathon, or a local sprint triathlon many people decide to take the step to get into running each year. They search online for free programming (because running is so simple no one should need to actually pay for advice) and find something called a...
  11. P

    New diet??

    Morning all, Looking for a bit of advice mainly on how much I should eat. Brief background, I have lost a 18kg of weight over 12 months and have kept it off for 6 months by training for triathlons, so lots and lots of cardio, now I am wanting to get a bit of size to me. I am 173cm and 70.3kg...
  12. D

    Muscle Motion Commercial Power Rack new home gym setup

    Hey all, As you can see by my post count, I'm new here. I have a background of fairly high-level training in the past, as an adjunct to other sports (mostly rowing and rugby), but it's been a long time since I've lifted weight seriously. I thought it was about time to re-start. As I've just...
  13. G

    Suggestions/Info needed

    Hello, I rang up a few places regarding buying equipment to have my own home gym (saves me the membership of a Gym and travel time). After talking with a few places, one of them recommended instead of investing $2000-$3000 in a home Gym, since I am a beginner, I would be better off spending...
  14. Fadi

    Squat as a unit

    Everyone here knows by now that I do not like giving advice on how or how not to squat. Unless that line of power/the center of gravity where the bar is in straight line with the mid of your foot is violated, I'd keep my mouth shut. So what's with this squat as a unit thing? We're always...
  15. A

    Bodybuilding for beginners

    If you could impart any advice for beginners who want to get into bodybuilding what would it be?
  16. Y

    Gym noob help needed!

    Soo im 15 years old and im turning 16 next year in june. I've previously played sports but due to having a fair few fights with the people who'd tackle me i was banned. I've become really lazy. I have previously been become really motivated about weight lifting by Zyzz, Gregg Plitt etc. I also...
  17. A

    10 most popular CrossFit workouts according to Google search queries:

    The hallmark of CrossFit is its “workout of the days” or WODs. WODs are a series of exercises that are scored for time or the number of reps completed over a given interval. There are too many WODs to count, but there are some that you see and hear about over and over. If ever wondered which are...
  18. A

    As a beginner, how did you set your goals?

    what you were working toward when you started out. What were your short and long term goals and how often did they change?
  19. A

    A Beginner's Guide to Battling Ropes

    A Beginner's Guide to Battling Ropes Your workout shouldn't be as rigid as a barbell. Make some waves to build more muscle. Ropes aren't just for sailing and S&M. They're a must-have tool for anyone looking to pack on lean mass. "The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm...
  20. C

    Beginner female - is this a decent program??

    Hi, I was into strength training last year but went travelling and generally mucked around, so while my technique for certain exercises is okay, I'm basically a beginner when it comes to lifting now. Last year I was training at an awesome gym and my programs were great, but my gym doesn't...