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  1. E


    Hey guys, I’ve recently found on internet this website call oms99.in, chatted with them on whats app and they seem to have a lot of good stuff. Also have good reviews on internet. They have shown me some pictures with aus packages ready for delivery with at least 5 or 6 Aus address. Just...
  2. A

    Xxx pharma

    Has anyone here used xxx phara? Were you happy with it?
  3. T

    Opening a gym - The future

    What’s the point of this post? Well like many of you the whole virus fucked everything up big time. I mean all the gyms are closed. It’s going to be 3 months until they begin the slow process of re-opening, even then, only 10-20 people allowed in at a time & how quick until they are shut down...
  4. P

    Testosterone, Training with Diabetes - Docs are clueless. TRT.

    Hey guys, I am new to the channel, so high to all of you that live, breathe and love training. Its a lifestyle that we all love. So here's my story, I have been training like a tank in the gym since age 17 - I am now 47 and still train (natty) had a few breaks here and there due to injuries...
  5. D

    Member for Flex Fitness Equipment

    Hi Everyone, Just introducing myself for the forum, hope yall are well. Feel free to talk to us about "anything" fitness ! We have some great stuff for all facets of training and relish the opportunity to chat with you. Regards DazRob
  6. A

    what other addons can you think of ?

    so Ausbb had the bodyspace addon , maybe not as complex as elsewhere we have the lifter scoreboard and various other tools what other addons would you like to see?
  7. M

    Television program about body image

    Hi guys, I'm working on a program about body image in Australia and it would be great to talk to some of the guys and girls on this thread about what the ideal body is, and what lengths we go to to achieve it. The program wants to have an honest conversation about exercise and body image in...
  8. A

    Welcome on board fuelprotein

    Welcome on board https://www.fuelprotein.com.au 100% natural and pure protein with NO added fillers100%
  9. B

    November 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hi there, This month we’re rewarding customers who spend over $250 with a free bottle of ZMA Complex Capsules. If you’ve been saving up for a big order you can look forward to keeping an extra $30 in your back pocket! ZMA Complex Capsules contain three compounds that are often lacking in most...
  10. A

    What is the stupidest thing you've seen a PT doing with their client in the gym?

    What is the stupidest thing you've seen a PT doing with their client in the gym?
  11. A

    General cycling chat

    a thread for stuff that doesn't fit in other threads, and doesn't really need its own thread
  12. Fister Roboto

    Vegan Bruh

    Started this to answer some of the questions that arose when I said that I was eating vegan for September. steveP; Darkoz; All the chatter on youtube about veganism prompted me to read some of the studies and research papers (mostly the conclusions admittedly) and for 3 reasons, I would like to...
  13. A

    Personal Trainers Talk

    Are you a Personal Trainer? Are you interesting in becoming one, either part-time or full-time? This is the palce to talk about rates, competing, and all the other issues that go into working this complex and ever-changing job! Chat away!
  14. A

    Those of you who have met a famous pro bodybuilder

    Those of you who have met a famous pro bodybuilder, what did he look/act like in person, did they match up to their online persona ?
  15. A

    interesting places in SOUTH AUSTRALIA to visit

    interesting places in SOUTH AUSTRALIA to visit
  16. Shrek

    What's your favourite place to buy supplements?

    Here we are going to list your favourite place to buy supplements and protein powders etc. It can either be an online store or shopfront and try to say why you like that particular store, ie, good service, good prices, wide range etc etc. This will help new members too so we don't have a new...