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  1. Stiff 2G

    Great Articles by Chris Lewis

  2. A

    Merry Christmas all

    Just want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued support of Ausbb- Australian bodybuilding I hope you all have a great day and if you are traveling , stay safe on the roads
  3. I

    Boxing Day Sales On Now! 30% Off Storewide!

    Merry Christmas AusBB! Boxing Day Sales On Now! 📦 Includes all apparel, footwear and lifting accessories (belts, sleeves, wraps +more). Use the code "BOXING18" at the checkout. Ends in 48 hours! irontanksgymgear.com Gym Gear Built #Iron Tough
  4. WoodyAllen

    APU national championships

    Lifters list posted for the first APU National Championships later this month. Times have changed. Now it's pretty close to 50/50 men and women lifters. Great to see. http://www.powerlifting-apu.com/news/preliminary_1st-australian-classic-powerlifting-and-bench-press-championships/ I assume...
  5. Sticky

    Charles poliquin dies at 57

    Ed Coan just posted about the death of Charles Poliquin. He died unexpectedly at 57, and cause of death has not been released. RIP
  6. I

    *💲⚡*Merry Christmas*AUSBB! Boxing Day Specials On Now! EVERYTHING On Sale. 💲⚡

    *💲⚡*Merry Christmas*AUSBB! Boxing Day Specials On Now! EVERYTHING On Sale. 💲⚡
  7. F

    Barbarian MONSTER Gym vs Force USA Monster Gym ?

    I've been looking at both the Barbarian MONSTER Gym and Force USA Monster Gym. I don't hear anything good about Force USA compare to Barbarian.
  8. spartacus

    Article on Justin Gatlin

  9. S

    Another Terrorist attack

    Bump ...........
  10. A

    Chris Hemsworth shows off his insane biceps during workout

  11. S

    Deadlift Grip

    A couple month before Christmas I started to lift again and for once sticking to it. Anyway I had noticed my bicep felt dull and achy and after a look around on google it seems the deadlift is more than likely the issue. As most people the overhand grip works to a point and then people us the...
  12. A

    Merry Christmas all

    so here we are again , another christmas upon us Thanks to each and every one of you for your continued support. A big thank you to our great sponsors for their continued support of Ausbb Wishing you & your families a safe and Merry Xmas!
  13. I

    Ausbb! 💪 boxing day sales! Up to 70% off store wide! Check it out! 48 hrs only 🔥

    Ausbb! 💪 boxing day sales! Up to 70% off store wide! Check it out! 48 hrs only 🔥 Merry Christmas in advance to all of you AUSBB! We're starting our Boxing Day Sales a little early so you guys can get in first dibs on all of our stock. Take care over the holidays and enjoy them! All the...
  14. Reide

    Those little bean bags from primary school?

    You know the things from sports class? Where can you actually buy some? I wouldn't mind some because I have a few parents interested in fitness classes for their kids. Aka they want me to make sure they sleep. I checked Rebel sport and they said they only have them at Christmas for some reason.
  15. I

    Cyber monday / xmas sales

    Hey AusBB, In lieu of the great response to our Black Friday specials - we've included a new wave of awesome specials & discounts for you to take advantage of this Christmas. We've made available some fan favourites - click here (or the image below) to view! Take advantage of these great offers...
  16. I

    Titan Shoes - Now Available!

    Thanks to everyone who patiently waited for our Titan release - everyone who pre ordered, yours are now well on the way - Christmas is coming early! :) To everyone else, the Titan's are now fully available, and an incredible gift idea for yourself or a loved one. Stylish, aesthetic...
  17. A

    Layne Norton & Chris Duffin on Lifting, Life, and what it means to live Passionately

    Layne Norton & Chris Duffin on Lifting, Life, and what it means to live Passionately Layne Norton & Chris Duffin on Lifting, Life, and what it means to live Passionately
  18. A

    The Journey of Ed Coan - The Greatest Powerlifter of All Time

  19. A

    Chris Duffin - How to Squat

    In this episode, Chris Duffin revamps Silent Mike's skwaat, and teaches him some warmup and prehab/rehab exercises to improve his positioning and keep him in one piece as they work up to a few heavy doubles and singles after a big deadlift workout the previous day.
  20. A

    Ed Coan and Chris Duffin Interview

    Ed Coan, the legend himself and arguably the greatest powerlifter in the history of the sports sits down with world record holder Chris "The Mad Scientist" Duffin as they discuss their love for the sport, their careers, their approaches to training, and a multitude of other subjects sure to...