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  1. T

    Hi, pro workout planner and gym junkie here ;)

    Hey everyone new from Newcastle NSW, Just dropping in to say whats up and keen to get into the forums a bit more! Cheers for having us :)
  2. A

    People that have dropped out of fitness, how did you get back into it?

    People that have dropped out of fitness, how did you get back into it? dropping out due to injury , time , motivation
  3. A

    torn rotator cuff

    anyone experienced a torn rotator cuff? how long did it take for you to recover? , what exercises did you do to help? in all my years of factory work the only injury i really got was chemical burns, now working in IT i find myself with a torn rotator cuff after dropping a UPS
  4. A

    What are the common injuries in grip training?

    What are things to be careful of in grip training? How do you prevent these injuries?
  5. A

    How many of you do both barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press?

    How many of you do both barbell bench press and dumbbell bench press?
  6. S

    Dropping BF

    Hi Guys, Im wanting to lose around 5kg from my mid section. im pretty lean every where else except for that area. I go to the gym 5 days a week and only do 20mins of cardio and hour of weight training Im 195cm 95kg not sure my BF% What ways can help me loose that troublesome area...
  7. KungFooGoo

    [MartialArts] UFC Discussions

    As there was a little bit of interest in a tipping comp for 2012 here it is. Not doing anything flash just basics. Format: Will be tipping the 5 main card fights only. Pick a winner in each bout and pick a winner + method of victory for the main event only. Tips must be in at least 1 hour...
  8. MaxBrenner

    Gaining muscle while dropping fat.

    Gaining muscle while dropping fat. (more to add later) Muscle growth/increasing LBM is done by stimulating the body with the appropriate stimulus. Increasing load on the muscle forces growth due the body needing to adapt to be able to handle the volume of work. The next part of that is to...
  9. haz

    powerclean - drop the weight from the top or lower it

    i wanted to hear thoughts on either dropping the weight (bumper plates) or lowering the weight with your body in a sorta romanian deadlift. which is better? with dropping the weight you are saving energy that can be used to do another clean or heavier weights with the lowering approach you...