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  1. S

    How many eggs should you eat in a week.

    12 according to new research. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/diet/this-is-how-many-eggs-you-can-eat-in-a-week/news-story/25d561d2cec6ba376d8bd170b8b43bce Doesn't say what happens if you eat more than that? I have 6 per day!
  2. spartacus

    Do we need public funded journalism?

  3. NightFallTech

    For Sale : Ironmaster quicklock adjustable dumbbells

    Iron master adjustable Dumbbells, with rack and add on kit (Takes DB's to approx 54kg each). Very good condition, very space efficient. selling because I've moved to a full rack of fixed DB's now that i have the space. These are the best option if you can't justify a full rack of fixed...
  4. T

    Melb - East side training buddy?

    Ayyeee. I was a member here about 6 years ago, and I'm looking to get back into training seriously. I've been lazy AF the last year or so, and I'm garbage at keeping myself accountable. I would love to find a eastern suburbs training pal particularly for morning sessions. Anyone keen? Burwood...
  5. S

    Worldgym Southside (Brisbane)

    Anyone been or train there? Have seen a few pics, looks impressive.
  6. P

    Supplements on the go

    Heya all, So long story short, I work as an Agency Nurse, so I travel around South East Queensland a fair bit and am quite often not going home every night. What does everyone use to carry supplements around with them? If I don't make it home I want to be able to carry a couple supplies days...
  7. spartacus

    another terrorist attack in the West (France), could or will it happen here?

    fu...ing scumbags. https://www.msn.com/en-au/news/world/truck-attacker-kills-dozens-in-nice-driver-shot-dead/ar-BBuleiG?li=AAavLaF&ocid=spartandhp
  8. A

    Death of Navy sailor linked to bodybuilding supplements

    Toxicology tests have been ordered to determine how a member of the Australian Navy died in Oman, but it is believed his death is linked to dangerous bodybuilding supplements. The ABC understands the 22-year-old leading seaman was found unconscious in a hotel room by colleagues who tried...
  9. Fadi

    Trump and the kingdom...

    100 years ago now, back in 1916, Dr Frankenstein created his masterpiece (so he thought), in the form of a monster. That 100 year old monster had a name, he was called Sharif Hussein bin Ali, you may recognise his legitimacy through the birth certificate under the title of the McMahon-Hussein...
  10. I

    Dr. Layne Norton Aussie Tour!

    Hello Team AUSBB! We've got some great news to share with you! Dr. Layne Norton & co. will be touring Australia in 3 states, spreading a ridiculous amount of knowledge. See below for further details and dates, and how to secure your spot! Layne’s camps have become legendary for their ability...
  11. taurus

    Terror in Paris

    http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2015-11-14/live-paris-france-attacks/6940758 Geezus.
  12. S


    Been hearing all week about this "Antarctic Blast" coming up the East Coast of Australia. It reached Qld overnight and temps have dropped abit and it is VERY windy but not a cloud in the sky. What can we QLDers expect? What are you Victorians @Silverback; etc and you unfortunate Newsouthwelshman...
  13. Goosey

    tough mudder

    Tough Mudder to Use 'Tear Gas' in Newly Designed Obstacle Courses - Downtown Brooklyn - DNAinfo.com New York The bottom line, is the bottom line, the only people that will get anything out of this are the people running these events
  14. steveP

    South East Asia Travel

    I searched for a general holiday or SEA travel thread and there weren't any. Anyway, I'm heading to Vietnam at the end of the year as somewhere new to visit. Just wondering who else has been there and do you have any tips. Things like places to visit, money saving tips, dealing with the locals...
  15. J

    Brisbane's first outdoor gym

    Free outdoor gym for Tingalpa For those on the south (east) side in Brisbane, looks like we'll have another option with an outdoor gym. "Cr Murphy said the Minnippi parklands gym will be protected by a shade cover with the following pieces of gym equipment proposed: Cross Trainer Treadmill...
  16. T

    looking for a place to train in east subs Melbourne

    Hi folks, As you can see I'm new here, a little backround, I'm new to the Olympic/Powerlifting game although I've been in the fitness industry as a fitness trainer for a few years now. I train mainly for jiujitsu/mma which is my main hobby, but I do enjoy lifting and want to make it a more...
  17. F

    ''Gyms in South East Queensland''

    I live on the Sunshine Coast, and like everywhere else 24 hour gyms are taking over. Goodlife now has two gyms, one which has recently opened in Maroochydore. Independent gyms are becoming a thing of the past although Suncoast still has a gym in Maroochydore, it once held a monopoly on the...
  18. C

    Brisbane East, gym recommendations?

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any tried and tested recommendations for gyms in the Carindale area? I might been swaying heavily towards a 24 hour gym as I work shifts and can't always get there in normal gym opening hours...in particular on weekends I have to work. Local 24hour options...
  19. P

    Egyptian husbands can have sex with DEAD wives...

    Outrage as Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives up to six hours after their death. By Lee Morgan Egyptian husbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives - for up to six hours after their death. The controversial new law is...
  20. pam15

    looking for training buddy in melbs east

    Hey guys In between my pt sessions looking for someone to work out with and keep me motivated and focused at the gym mayb some healthy compition :) if anyone is in melbs east girl or guy lemme no where ya from :)