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Heya all,

So long story short, I work as an Agency Nurse, so I travel around South East Queensland a fair bit and am quite often not going home every night.

What does everyone use to carry supplements around with them?

If I don't make it home I want to be able to carry a couple supplies days supply of Creatine / Protein / Preworkout / BCAA.
I would like to be able to store them in individual usage quantities so I don't have to carry the scoop around for each product also.

Any suggestions? I was looking at those weekly pill containers but not sure if they have a tight enough seal to hold power in my backpack.
I found a 6 pack of 100ml containers at Woolworths. I use them for everything; BCAAs, pre workout, post workout, nuts, etc.
I just use small Tupperware type containers (the sistema or whatever they're called ones as the lids lock on well). No need for anything fancy, I've had the funnels and smart shakers and what not but its not exactly necessary.

Usually just throw the creatine in with the protein in the same container