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  1. Stiff 2G

    How short term is Powerlifting

    The 1RMs, the long rest periods between sets etc. People just don't seem to last.
  2. B

    High Estrogen Post PCT - Blood Work

    Hey legends, at the start of the year I did my first cycle, 400mg per week of Test E. I cut the cycle short (8 weeks long) due to gyms closing because of covid. 3 months ago I finished my PCT which consisted of Nolva and HCG. I got bloods done before and after cycle for this list of things...
  3. Darkoz

    Hip belt squat

    I have to get me one of these, I want to squat without placing a load on my spine or shoulders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbTq68n7MIo
  4. U

    Thoughts on going straight into sarms after my steroid cycle. Also a good sarms shop

    As above. Has anyone tried it before. I watched a video the other day and this guy swears by it because it apparently helps keep the gains you loose during pct. I’m just doing a short cycle of steroids. Test p Dianabol and NPP for 6 weeks. I was thinking I’ll run mk677 throughout it...
  5. U

    Best short cycle stack to do?

    Hi everyone. I’m wanting some advice. I’m looking for a stack that’s short but effective. I only have until the 22nd of February. So exactly 80 days to buy my stack and finish the cycle including my last chance to have a pct tablet. I’m wanting to get a lean bulk from it. . If I...
  6. Goosey

    Squeaky Nike metcon’s

    If you have a pair of these and they squeak. Don’t use powder or talc or tape; it’s only a short term fix. wash the bastards (shoe and insole) in the washing machine with the addition of fabric softener. you’re welcome
  7. spartacus

    Powerlifing Australia appeal against IPF

    does anyone know what is going on. i got this response from the Court of Arbitration Sport about the PA appeal. can you help me out Gerry given your PA contacts. I believe Mr. Lewis is referring to case CAS 2017A/5419 Powerlifting Australia , Oceania Powerlifting Federation, and Mr. Robert...
  8. S

    Old Kunts

    I look at old kunts with no mobility, no strength and no energy who can barely walk and, like everyone else I guess think if only they'd lift and do some cardio that'd fix it. But I've been wondering if that's too simple a solution. Are most garden variety old kunts incapable of doing a training...
  9. spartacus

    the importance of specific strength for sport, avoiding heavy lifts

    I have been training a good triathlete for 10 weeks now, mostly on bilateral and bodyweight exercises. he has improved his leg power by 5%, a pretty good feat, but I/he was waiting to see how it helped his sport performance. yesterday he rings to say, that despite only doing 15km swimming per...
  10. Z

    Safe to add new HCG to old reconstituted HCG?

    About 6 months ago I had to travel and I left behind about 5ml of bac water with appx 2500iu of HCG. I know the HCG has lost its potency due to it's short shelf life once mixed with bac water. Am I able to add HCG into it effectively reusing the water/old HCG mix?
  11. spartacus

    NFL v bodybuilder leg power and strength comp

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZDSf93Q6xY bb did well. does not surprise me; I saw a short greek Australian mr universe do 90cm years ago (i measured it)
  12. A

    Australia's Strongest Man (actually a New Zealander) is releasing a short series of h

    Australia's Strongest Man (actually a New Zealander) is releasing a short series of his story in strongman
  13. A

    Study of pro bodybuilders: 4 days vs 6 days per week with equal volume yielded equal

    Another cool graphic put together by Thomas Coughlin, this one on our study that investigated the effects of 4 vs 6 training sessions a week where both groups worked each muscle twice per week on a volume-equated basis. The really cool thing about this study is that subjects were pro...
  14. J

    Fellow short dudes, where do you buy your gym tanks/singlets?

    I'm 5'7" and struggle to find tanks/singlets that fit properly, especially stringers. Any recommendations for good fitting gym gear for shorter dudes?
  15. P

    Supplements on the go

    Heya all, So long story short, I work as an Agency Nurse, so I travel around South East Queensland a fair bit and am quite often not going home every night. What does everyone use to carry supplements around with them? If I don't make it home I want to be able to carry a couple supplies days...
  16. Neddysmith

    Kimbo Slice Dead at 42

  17. spartacus

    Any tips for book on masters training

    Mate and I are writing a book on strength training, hopefully for publication in US via Internet or short book. Just interested in any thoughts from Ausbb forum members with regard to their philosophies, and lessons learned over years. It is a book that will be very easy to read based on...
  18. Reide

    Probably a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway

    Can exercise make you taller or shorter? I could imagine posture comes into play but I seem to have shrunk 3cm and I'm already happy meal sized.
  19. F

    Short workouts - MAX-OT?

    From Monday, because of my new job, I'll have to workout early in the morning. I have time for 45 min workouts (at most). I like MAX-OT philosophy and wonder if the following routine makes sense to you atm my numbers are: squat 140kg x 6 deads 170kg x 5 bench 110 kg x 4 (only working sets...
  20. I

    BFG Gym Shorts Restocked

    Hey guys/gals - the ever popular BFG gym short has now been restocked. This one is great for any day of the week, and even worn casually. Super comfortable cotton construction, really good Spring apparel! Now restocked in black and storm grey in all sizes. :) Click here to view!