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New member
Hey legends, at the start of the year I did my first cycle, 400mg per week of Test E. I cut the cycle short (8 weeks long) due to gyms closing because of covid. 3 months ago I finished my PCT which consisted of Nolva and HCG.
I got bloods done before and after cycle for this list of things:

Free and Total Testosterone
E2 (Oestradiol)
Liver Function (LFT)
Kidney Function (UEC)
High Sensitivity CRP
Full Blood Count
FSH/LH, Prolactin

All above were within normal range, other then Estrogen (E2).

Before Total Test: 27.2nmol/l (783ng/dl)
Before Estrogen: 94 pmol/l
After Total Test: 26.5nmol/l (763ng/dl)
After Estrogen: 172 pmol/l

My question is what to do from here with almost double the estrogen? Just wait? Take an AI? Dosage, duration? Etc

Thanks for your help!