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New member
As above. Has anyone tried it before. I watched a video the other day and this guy swears by it because it apparently helps keep the gains you loose during pct. I’m just doing a short cycle of steroids.

Test p Dianabol and NPP for 6 weeks. I was thinking I’ll run mk677 throughout it aswell as another 5 weeks after it.

Pct will be Nola clomid and aromasin

But what other sarms would yous recommend
After the cycle or after PCT?

You should complete PCT first.

I wouldn’t trust backyard SARM shops.
Buy from reputable companies.
You work that out.
I've heard others recommend SARMS for bridging between cycles. I guess that's slightly different but I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts.
Thoughts on going straight into sarms after my steroid cycle Also a good sarms shop

Why dont you just try Test at 300-500? Im telling you.... if not I think Ive heard of ppl using eq.
Its looks like PCT after PCT;) Posting your bloodwork migh get you more help... I advice buy Nolva
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Bro just run Test E 500mg per week for 14 weeks.
Split dosage Monday 1ml Thursday 1ml
What about running AI at the start of cycle?
Are you prone to gyno ?
Dont need aromasin in pct as you can use it from day 1 of first pin.
As for Sarms, if your doing pct after cycle then dont trake sarms as it will shut you down.
Some people use sarms to cruise untill they blast again but they are still shutdown lol
Pct is only ifyou are giving your body a break from AAS or sarms and you want to produce your own test again.
Its cheaper to cruise on test e etc
Sarms work but can have bad sides as the amount needed to be taken will cause sides such as yellow eyes blury vision at times coughing up blood
But do they work ? Yes
Are they dearer than AAS ? Yes