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  1. stanly stud

    embarrassing situations

    I remember as a young Lad i met this Girl at a Nightclub & went outside with her to give her my lovin. was a dark corner & i was swapping spit like a mad man , hand in her panty. Poking her twat & her bum hole when i felt a funny thick goo on my fingers. It was dark so i could not really see ..i...
  2. Z

    Brisbane TRT Sustanon 250 seeking advise

    G'day all, New member here, I was pointed in this direction and told I would get good advice :) Quick background... I just turned 40 and have been looking into my health for about 4 months prior to turning 40 (Im sure most men do this) I was not doing well mentally. Physically there is nothing...
  3. leighaus


    With the popularity of sarms at the moment, are people still pinning cjc1295 etc? Most people I know either have moved into gear or are using sarms. Interested to hear if anyone is still on the peptides, and why ?
  4. A

    i can see this ending badly

  5. S

    Man punches Kangaroo

    This dude was firstly protecting his Dog then protecting himself from this big Roo. Now the Australian Human Society is calling for him to be sacked from his Elephant Handler job at Dubbo Zoo and Animal Rights activists are making death threats etc. That Roo is pretty big and looks like it...
  6. spartacus

    Basketball showdown, funny as

  7. V

    Best lab at the moment

    Hey guys Whats one of the better labs at the moment. Kind regards val
  8. A

    Paralympic powerlifter Ali Jawad: ‘When I was born the doctor wanted to kill me

  9. Goosey


    WTF is it? define it? when do we need cardio? its just funny that we often say "I'm doing cardio" I mean...what for?
  10. Reide

    Funny gym incidents.

    Once upon a time my gym buddy quit going to the gym. So I was a lone wolf. I stumbled into the Cheap and purple gym near my old work like a lost sheep. Reluctantly, after my warm up I decided to do weights because no one should be a cardio bunny. I knew their needed to be a balance. So I sat...
  11. Shrek

    Arnold on a mission to reshape Bodybuilding

    BACK TO THE FUTURE So in response to the question, what is his overview of modern-day bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied, “I am somewhat disappointed in the direction that bodybuilding is now going. Even for the big contests like the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia, people are...
  12. Goosey

    Three words only

  13. A

    Australia's Jake Nikolopolus A few months from NABBA Universe

    https://instagram.com/p/6SKiB8kp41/ p/6SKiB8kp41 p/6SKiB8kp41 jakenikolopoulos86The time is coming to see what will be left under these layers of bodyfat for the Nabba Mr. Universe contest this October. I've definitely brought up some lagging bodyparts but I still have another year or so...
  14. Repacked


    Anyone got some good ideas for neck exercises without requiring a head strap? Bands?
  15. W

    Which one game do you like best?

    I like playing with my dick. It's so cool and funny that I cann't wait to share it for you! ;)
  16. A

    Those of you who have met a famous pro power lifter/strongman

    Those of you who have met a famous pro power lifter/strongman, what did he look/act like in person, did they match up to their online persona ?
  17. A

    Interview with Ed Coan

  18. Neddysmith

    Arnold Classic Australia

    Anyone going to the Arnold?
  19. steveP


    I've been doing movie reviews for almost 3 and a half years with over 300 movies. As I enjoy movies far more than TV, I watch quite a lot and enjoy discussing them. I'm a regular listener to the podcast called The Film Vault, which also gave me the idea to blog about movies. The Film Vault |...
  20. A

    Topic of the Week - What's The Best Way To Build Your Traps And Forearms?

    forearms and trapezius. How many times have people told you that they don't train their forearms because they are being worked in almost every exercise? What exercises can be followed to achieve awesome traps and huge forearms? What is the best rep range for training traps and forearms...