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New member
G'day all,

New member here, I was pointed in this direction and told I would get good advice :)

Quick background... I just turned 40 and have been looking into my health for about 4 months prior to turning 40 (Im sure most men do this) I was not doing well mentally. Physically there is nothing wrong with me, I could lose 2-4kg but at 1.7m tall this is not huge. I have a great wife, two awesome kids and my business is taking off. I couldn't put my finger on it, it was like depression but not. The local GP wanted to put me on anti depressants, which I refused. After some blood test my results showed I was seriously low on T 4.3. The doctor suggested TRT.

I took a few weeks and sunk myself into research knowing this will be choice for life. It didn't take me long to come to the conclusion that its the right choice. Long story short, I have been on Sustanon 250 (weekly) for the last 5 weeks. Life is good. Have not had another round of of blood test but I feel fantastic, I sleep like a baby, my sex drive is good, I'm back in the gym working like I'm back in my 20's. Every aspect of life is better.

But I have a problem and its one I encountered in my research on TRT and Sus which I am sure you guys have heard before. Peaks and valleys.

From my research I gather the best is to "pin" every other day, not once every 7 days. Sustanon comes in ampules and not in a vial, which means once you open it, you have to use it. From what I can see you can split it up into multiple syringes but having only 1ml to work with this is tricky. I inject myself (long funny story) so I am petrified of infections, leaving a injection a couple of days scares me. What else can I do, suck them all out on inject them into a new vial and use from there?

Anyone else have the same problem? Are there any other TRT injections available in Aus?

Thanks all,

Just take it once per week like the Dr prescribed.
You are lucky to get one shot per week.
Also, you don’t need Sus every other day.
Once every 4-5 days is sufficient because you have long and short esters.
Get some slin pins & alcohol swabs online. Swab the outside of the amp, get the pins ready, snap the amp and draw a third into each of the pins. Make sure you don’t touch the needle to anything before you put the cap back on. Then pin M/W/F. You should feel much better.

Check out the info @the_research_station on Insta

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