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WTF is it?
define it?
when do we need cardio?

its just funny that we often say "I'm doing cardio" I mean...what for?
The reality is (I reckon) is that no one really knows why they do it and what for.
for years people thought it was a good method of weight control.

some think it makes one fitter, but for what?
at the risk of going all fadi and blabber fingers I just think "cardio" is an activity to become conditioned to the things we do throughout the week.

if you want to play a sport, or an exercise that requires more than your daily resources then a cardio program would be good to condition yourself to the demands that are placed upon you.

i don't believe cardio needs to be integrated into a workout, but like all things I do feel it needs to be added no and again.

having said that, I think cardio in a workout is the safest way to improve your capacity.
A lot of cardio will waste your body and age you

I agree with that old boy.

the interesting or most misunderstood topic is how much is required.

i think that for most of us, the cardio we received in a tough workout should be enough, anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes of a 30 minute workout?

if you're not getting that, then some other source is required, but I think that someone who is involved in manual labor daily has got it covered.


New member
I've only ever really done cardio because of sport. I don't like doing it but I do feel better overall when I am doing some.


Fucked up Kunce
Its fun to take the dog for a walk. He loves it. I love the fact the he loves it so much.


Fucked up Kunce
Keep it on topic. 😡
[MENTION=9251]Darkoz[/MENTION]; feel free to post those cow pics in the off topic thread.
They were funny. 😃