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  1. N

    Thoughts on 5x5 training

    Hi, I'm 40 year old male recently getting into strength training, I don't want to get massive, I just want to get some more muscle mass, fix my poor posture and basically just get fitter and stronger so I can do sports for longer and better I generally don't like gyms or gym workouts but..... I...
  2. Sticky

    The Perfect Meet

  3. Goosey

    Aspect ratio and strength limits

    Written some time ago, I cannot help but admire this fellows knowledge, this following diatribe explains a few things as to why many injuries happen over time. The man for whom the so-called “Scott Curl” was named had unusually large arms, and he also had unusually long biceps muscles; and he...
  4. S

    Are MMA Fighters the Fittest Athletes?

    I'm using Fitness in the academic way. I remember when Fitness was defined as; Strength, Stamina and Flexibility. Then they added Speed and Co-ordination making five elements of Fitness. Old kunce in their 50-60's like Shrek, Woody, Goo, Spart, Dark etc can prolly remember when Fitness was just...
  5. Shrek

    New Olympic Sports

    It's been announced the Cheerleading and Surfing will be added to the Olympics. Boring... Also Muay Thai..not bad. What sport would you like to see added? For me I'd like to see the Midget Toss or Tug o War. http://thenewdaily.com.au/sport/other-sports/2016/12/07/cheerleading-olympics/
  6. spartacus

    AusBB Military Press challenge

    AusBB Military Press competitions You can post as many times as you like, but clip, date, and bodyweight must be provided on each occasion. Lifts can be from rack, or from ground. In case of lift from ground, as much more impressive, an extra 2.5kg is added to lift when working out...
  7. WoodyAllen

    New WADA prohibited list

    Some new substance added that are found in supplements. http://cces.ca/news/wada-publishes-2017-prohibited-list?utm_source=CCES+Publications&utm_campaign=832a0c2840-CCES_Advisory_Note_2017_Prohibited_List10_19_2016&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_99c9e5c562-832a0c2840-310889469 The 2017 List of...
  8. A

    Student got vibrator stuck up her backside during sex with boyfriend

    Emma Phillips in hospital where she had the vibrator removed (Picture: Mercury)A student teacher has spoken about how she got a vibrator stuck up her backside during sex. Emma Phillips, a mother of one from Wallasey, Merseyside, first thought boyfriend Lee had hidden the vibrator under a pillow...
  9. A

    Phil 2015 vs 2016

  10. A

    Brock Lesnar on potential doping violation: 'We will get to the bottom of this'

    The United States Anti-Doping Agency has informed Brock Lesnar of a potential doping violation stemming from an out-of-competition drug test administered June 28. Lesnar, 39, returned to the Octagon on July 9, defeating Mark Hunt via decision at UFC 200. It was Lesnar's first fight since...
  11. F

    any simple protein pancakes recipes?

    so I'm a pancake eating machine and I've tried a few recipes that tasted awful, any recommendations?
  12. Shrek

    Russian athletes remain banned from competition including Olympics

    Russian track and field athletes remain banned from international competition, including the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Athletics chiefs have decided not to lift the suspension, which was imposed in November following accusations of state-sponsored doping. But individual athletes can compete as...
  13. Goosey


    WTF is it? define it? when do we need cardio? its just funny that we often say "I'm doing cardio" I mean...what for?
  14. S

    Fuck me Nick

    Have you guys changed the formula for your WPC Vanilla Bulk Nutrients; ? Just filled less than half of my BN shaker with water then added 50 gram of Vanilla WPC. Opened the top and the froth was over flowing. More than half of the Shaker is froth. Added my Oats ( Big Mick; ) and now theres a...
  15. R

    Routine Critique Please!

    M 181cm 83kg Hey, I have been doing a basic PPL for a couple of months inconsistently but now as my schedule is tighter the time is too much. My new routine is based on Stronglifts 5x5 with added accessories. Goal is a balance of strength and aesthetics. Also on a slow bulk. Current 1RMs...
  16. Shrek

    A2 milk in coffee

    Goosey; said it was the best coffee ever because of the A2 milk. I for one prefer the organic skim. [emoji1]
  17. Jungnaut

    Chocolate Banana WPI by Fuel Protein

    I got a coupla kilos of WPI from Fuel Protein, this site newest sponsor. I have Milk Chocolate, Banana, and Choc Banana. I decided to give Choc Banana a whirl first. Taste 7/10 Fuel protein's point of difference is to use 100% natural sweeteners, 100% natural colours and 100% natural...
  18. A

    Welcome on board fuelprotein

    Welcome on board https://www.fuelprotein.com.au 100% natural and pure protein with NO added fillers100%
  19. A

    Wimps are 'stronger than bodybuilders', study finds

    Wimps are 'stronger than bodybuilders', study findsA gram of bodybuilders' muscle is less powerful than the same amount of tissue from someone who did not weight train, tests show Bodybuilders are only strong because they have so much muscle mass, research suggests. Photo: Getty Images...
  20. A

    WADA and China sign agreement to eliminate illegal manufacture and supply of PEDs

    WADA and China sign agreement to eliminate illegal manufacture and supply of PEDs The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will help track and eliminate the illegal manufacture and supply of...