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  1. L

    need a plan

    I have had a hip replacment three years ago, i have started to go to the gym but am unsure of what I should be doing to build up the muscle around my hip. All I have been doing is upper body on machines and have not done any free weights. Just after some info on what I could do to start this...
  2. Darkoz

    Hip belt squat

    I have to get me one of these, I want to squat without placing a load on my spine or shoulders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbTq68n7MIo
  3. Goosey

    In the paper today....

    I was reading that the AFL has engaged the Latrobe university to conduct a ACL injury prevention program. as a result of women damaging their knees. they believe it’s a mechanical issue relating to the wide hip. where and how do these fucken idiots come up with this fund shit. I could fix...
  4. A

    The Mystery of the Female Orgasm, Explained With Science

  5. A

    Ronnie Coleman's back at it after his double total hip replacement surgery

  6. A

    Ronnie Coleman new hip X-ray

  7. M@YHEM

    Thoughts on hip drive?

  8. O

    Inner thighs

    Ok girls, any tips on toning the inner thigh area? I have really upped the weights I use over the past 3 months and have been challenging myself a lot more than I was last year. I'm really starting to notice in these past few weeks how toned my legs are getting - in particular my quads and...
  9. nazzysmith

    HIP SHOW - 2 on 2 russian UFC

    Some crazy Russian shit... 2 on 2 UFC fight both fighting at the same time around obstacles.... If one gets knocked out or taps out then its 2 on 1 for one minute.. If the guy on his own survives getting pumelled by the two other guys for the full minute his team wins... Check Out This...
  10. chocchillimango

    Active Hip Mobility

    So many of us on here have or have had hip mobility issues and keeping ourselves mobile post injury or generally is important. TNation actually have a really good article on this and the following video with some active hip mobility moves is really good. Hip Mobility Montage - YouTube main...
  11. K

    lower back hip mobility

    what are some stretchers drill's or anything really to aid with lower back and hip mobility to help with my squats and exercises that require my lower back ?
  12. 0ni

    Hip pain

    Ok, so I've been slowly rehabbing myself over the past 6 weeks now. For those that don't know, I took a break from cycling to fix my beaten up body. It's been going well so far and 2 weeks ago (18th July) I reintroduced strength training, doing starting strength but 5x5 (inb4rage) Anyway, I got...
  13. Dancelot

    Hip issues and weight training

    I have a good friend who's suffered from hip problems for a while. Apparently it will develop into some sort of arthritis, despite her being only 23. She got some steroid injection recently. Sorry I could be more specific if needed (will ask her) - I'm not very good with these medical terms...
  14. Sticky

    Hip stech

    Posted via Mobile Device
  15. P

    7 Dynamic Stretches to Improve Your Hip Mobility

    Eye Candy! Your hips are designed for mobility. You can rotate your thighs in & out, move them up & down, pull them to & away from your body. Or at least you should be able to do that. Most people lack hip mobility. Sedentary lifestyle shortens your hip flexors & hamstrings which restricts...
  16. S

    Soreness in hip when squatting

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and to body building. Recently whilst squatting I've had some problems with my hip. To give you some background: For some years now I've had an occasional problem with my right hip involving a sharp pinching sensation. I get it rarely but it has been happening...