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  1. Neddysmith

    Electrolytes or BCAAs for endurance hydration

    Hey guys, So ive started doing a bit of cycling and recently been doing anywhere from 50-100k rides. I make sure i am well hydrated before i leave and take water with me, however, as the weather is warming up and the rides are getting longer i was thinking of using either electrolytes or BCAAs...
  2. Shrek

    Essa Obiad 310 pounds

    From FB
  3. Repacked

    Orions - how is everyone's holding up?

    Very happy with the Orions, very comfy etc, how is everyone's holding up? Mine are starting to come apart where the felt overlaps half way down the lace eyelets. They only get worn once a week for the most part so haven't done a huge number of ks...anyone else experiencing this?
  4. A

    Weakpoint Monday: Arms

    What do you do to bring up those arms. What do you do to add mass/definition to your arms? Volume? Intensity? Drop sets?
  5. P

    What's holding you back?

    I've been thinking a bit about my own training and what I'm missing and am interested to hear from you guys. What's holding your training back? More importantly what are you doing to fix the issue?
  6. A

    what age did you run your first cycle

    just wondering what age you decided to take your first cycle
  7. F

    Holding your breath during exercises

    Who else holds their breath during Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press? At which point in the movement do you inhale/exhale and are there other exercises where holding your breath would benefit?