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  1. U

    :( Rib injury coming out of the hole on squats

    Hello everyone, Over the last 3 weeks I have been testing my 1RM for the big 3. I have been lifting for 4 months and decided it was time to test my strength and form. DEADLIFT was on week 1 and I managed to lift up 160kg x 3 with breaks in between. The first one was average form, but I still...
  2. A

    Squats: Improve Strength Out of the Hole

    Chad Wesley Smith (317.5kg x10 Squat) shares some tips to improve your power out of the hole when squatting. Pause Squats Chad’s lucky number is 7. So 7 seconds pause wide stance if you squat narrow narrow if you normally squat wide Slow Decent Squat 7s again, so 7s down, then explode...
  3. L

    Power rack hole spacing

    Hi Is 1" hole spacing on a rack of any practical benefit for strength training or is it a marketing tool? thanks Andrew
  4. jj80

    Olympic bar/weight hole diameters

    With your normal 'small hole' weights from elite fitness/rebel sport etc, I found it's possible to get different hole diameters and especially different bar diameters. I have one 7 foot bar at the moment gathering rust cause it's 26mm or so and all my weights are 25mm. I'm after some olympic...
  5. thechosenone

    Fuck doctors

    Told the doctor ive had the flu 3 times this year and told him i get sick often so he prescribes me some cold&flu tablets i said what can i do to boost my immune system ,he says there is nothing that can boost ur immunte system apart from eating fruit. (wow thanx thanx einstein) 48 bucks less...