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  1. Blakey

    What you boys running

    Hey fellas Just joined up trying to get an idea of what cycles guys are running on here My current is 600mg test e weekly 10ius novo rapid mourning and post workout 90mg ment daily Lgd 10mg daily Look forward to your replies blakey
  2. A

    A Doctor Explains The Pros And Cons Of Common Sex Positions

    Medial doctor and sex therapist Zvi Zuckerman (aka the “Sex Doctor”) recently explained the scientific, romantic and physical benefits of each position, along with their potential drawbacks. So if you’re feeling frisky tonight, here’s what to look forward to (and what to look out for!) Dr. Zvi...
  3. Russell Coight

    New program idea

    What do you guys think of PPP? I'm just looking for something simple. I'm thinking of doing it for the 3 main lifts plus overhead press 4 days a week with hypertrophy/assistance whatever as well. This is what I've put together: Monday Squat PPP Quads Split squats 3 x 15-20 Leg...
  4. A

    Model branded ‘Miss Iron Bum’ shows off her muscles after she was bullied for being ‘

    Model branded ‘Miss Iron Bum’ shows off her muscles after she was bullied for being ‘skinny’ Bakhar Nabieva, aka ‘Miss Iron Bum’. Picture: Bakhar Nabieva/Instagram Natalie KeeganThe Sun Email a friend A FITNESS model who has been branded ‘Miss Iron Bum’ has wowed her social media...
  5. A

    Steroid use ‘is only for bulking up’

    Accused doctor Anish Singh was the physician of choice for a string of bodybuilders — including a multiple national champion — who were prescribed steroids for no purpose other than to bulk up, a disciplinary hearing was told yesterday. Anish Dwarka Singh and his former Empire Clinic have been...
  6. Goosey

    Intensity or Form?

    Which do you think is more important in getting the best results from a workout intensity or form? You could probably make a winning case for each one, or the idea that they are equally important.I would probably say that intensity is more important when you’re younger (from 15 to 40 years of...
  7. Ben


    For sale in Ballarat, what do you reckon I'd get for them? 2 x 8kg 2 x 12kg 2 x 16kg 1 x 24kg 1 x 32kg 1 x 64kg
  8. Big Mick

    Multivitamin Discussion

    Do you take them?? If yes which ones, if no why not?? Any research or opinions of why and why not. I currently take Cenovis Men's Multi Performance. Why?? Just in case, I do miss it often and will go without taking it for a while. Don't notice any difference if I take it and don't take it...
  9. Fadi

    Unleash the elephant within!

    When I was a young weightlifter, I was told a story which served me well, as I now share it with my girls. I like to share it with you. This was written by Doctor Prakash Iyer. Lessons from the baby elephant: Smash the peg. Set yourself free! DO you know what they do to keep a circus...
  10. Neddysmith

    Bluetooth earphones and transmitter recommendations

    Hey Guys, Seems i have broken another set of earphones at gym, just a cheap set of skullcandy, but would seem i go through earphones about every 6 - 12mths. So i am toying with the idea of going bluetooth and leaving the ipod in the gym bag, the only issue is my ipod doesnt have bluetooth...
  11. Shrek

    "the strongest big boy in the world | craziest lifts ever caught on camera

  12. A

    6 week running improvement feedback?

    Hi all, Sice i've gone from been told that the next police intake was in July to finding out today the assessment centre is in 6 weeks, i'm in need to quickly get some gains on my running and general endurance. Yes I realise that I should have been focussing on this ages ago, but i'm an idiot...
  13. S

    Your proudest Sporting/Athletic achievements

    Tell us your proudest personal sporting achievements. No @Grunta; that threesome you had with those twins doesn't count :p
  14. I

    Titan Shoes - Now Available!

    Thanks to everyone who patiently waited for our Titan release - everyone who pre ordered, yours are now well on the way - Christmas is coming early! :) To everyone else, the Titan's are now fully available, and an incredible gift idea for yourself or a loved one. Stylish, aesthetic...
  15. Repacked

    Help finding song

    I cannot remember for the life of me the name of this song or the artist. If I heard the bands name or the chorus I would recognise it. Mental blank. If anyone has an idea please post the name. Check your ideas against the video clip on YT to avoid a long list of random suggestions please...
  16. E

    Need Suggestions.

    Guys, I need some suggestions about niagara falls and thousand islands 2-day tour. I am a great lover of travelling and like to visit natural sights. My cousin suggests me to have a Niagara fall tour. But I have no idea about it. I think you guys like to share cool ideas with me. Waiting for...
  17. M

    Measuring body fat percentage.

    Ok, first post, It's a bit random and I hope I've put it in the right spot... I'm just curious which method people are using to measure body fat percentage. I have a set of scales that supposedly measures fat and water percentages but I have never trusted it. I know of the pinch test...
  18. A

    Have You Ever Tried The $20 Hotel Upgrade Trick?

    The $20 trick is something of an urban legend, but many people use it regularly and say it works. If you’ve ever tried it, we want to know what happened. The idea is this: You slip a $20 note to a hotel agent, they quietly accept and give you an awesome room upgrade
  19. Goosey

    bench pull bar ironedge

    This is good, but could be even better with rotating handles
  20. A

    Has anyone here bulked without counting calories? If so, how did it turn out?

    Has anyone here bulked without counting calories? If so, how did it turn out?