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  1. P

    Hi New here from Adelaide

    Hi everyone I am a 44 year old living in Henley beach SA. I started training last year with a PT and lost 25kgs of fat and gained 8kgs of muscle in 5 months. Since that time I have been unable to find a coach and have done only sporadic training. I have a Cardio trainer 3 times per week but...
  2. Neddysmith

    The Walking Dead

    Anyone else watching this? New season starts tmorrow, I had a look and searched but couldn't find another thread the Walking Dead strange.....
  3. spartacus

    idea of drug tested gyms

    I know I am going to annoy some, but I am interested to see people's response to the following: Australian gyms being forced to have an agreement with drug testing agencies and signage about whether their members can be tested for PEDS, as is the case elsewhere. Just interested in hearing...
  4. CaT_SPeW

    Kind of left field training idea

    So I'd like to do some morning training as opposed to afternoon training as often I'm too buggered after work to bother. Problem is I get up at 5:30 already and there's no way I'm getting up at 4:00 for a full training session so what I'm thinking is getting up a bit earlier and doing one lift...
  5. K

    new diet idea's suggestions?

    i've cut down from 140kg' to 98 from just basic makeing heathier choices and cutting soda's fast food and saturated fat out of my diet and working out 6 days a week- 3 days a week of gym muscle building and 3 days of cardio- but i find now to lose weight its a lot harder so im looking for a...
  6. 0ni


  7. And the Ugly

    You've got no idea...

    How freakin pumped I am for lifting right now. I wish it was tomorrow so I could be squatting the shit out of it right now. It's like a stewing, bubbling, fizzing energy that just makes me want to lift some shit. Bring on Bust A Nut. I'm not going to win, but i'm going to give myself a...
  8. GHOSTrun

    Crazy Idea. plus, some bonus rambling! aaahhh

    Is there a way to workout how long your body takes to digest food (i.e. get it out your stomach)? Might be a crazy idea but wouldn't this be a good way for me to workout meal portion size for desired daily meal frequency? (without feeling like a stuffed animal all day or starving like an...
  9. kindred

    I started a garden but nothing is growing!

    I can't get my seeds to sprout. What should I do?
  10. walt

    New to Working out, dont have much idea about

    Hello, Well basically I want you to ask what i need to improve or get rid of in my workout. I have been doing this workout for 11 weeks now and haven't noticed any difference. I am looking to bulk up basically for rugby and in general. I do not have any weights except for dumbbells. I do...
  11. vader-nator

    [Music] Favorite Training Songs?

    With all this talk of a social nature....... What is that song that you turn up loud to blast yourself into the zone? My most recent is Sum 41 Pieces..... mostly from this cool Lee Priest youtube video I bumped into. Rob YouTube - lee priest bodybuilding
  12. A

    A Beginners Guide To Gym Equipment And Workout Accessories

    A Beginners Guide To Gym Equipment And Workout Accessories Starting an exercise program and visiting a gym can be quite confusing with all the equipment scattered around . What is what ? How do you use it? Tthis article will look at and explain some of the most common...
  13. B

    [Cycling] color scheme idea

    all dull colors (no shine) frame: burgandy Forks/bars/cranks/pedals: white Grips/Headset: black Sprocket: gold chain: silver rims either white or silver with gold spokes