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  1. A

    10 most popular CrossFit workouts according to Google search queries:

    The hallmark of CrossFit is its “workout of the days” or WODs. WODs are a series of exercises that are scored for time or the number of reps completed over a given interval. There are too many WODs to count, but there are some that you see and hear about over and over. If ever wondered which are...
  2. N

    Training in morning/day or night?

    I'd like to get a rough idea when the ideal time is to train, I've always trained early in the morning around 6am but I've noticed that if I'm a few meals deep I can train harder and for longer without fatigue. When do you train and why? n9rve
  3. H

    Where are you from & Where do you Train ?

    Not sure if this is allowed but thought it might be a good idea for everyone to list where they're from so people can find buddies in similar areas etc for possible workouts and stuff ? Maybe something similar to the Age/Weight thread Just an idea of course. Location: Perth, Western...
  4. Repacked

    General food related banter

    I thought I'd move here rather than hijack the other thread. It was from Qld, from a shop called 'The Source', bulk health foods type place, and I know there is actually one at Prahran but The banana flour doesn't come up on their website so I'd say it's not a core product but one that is...
  5. A

    homemade 40W laser shotgun

    HE ADMITTED it was a dumb idea, but that didn’t stop this man from creating an ultra-futuristic homemade weapon. YouTube user styropyro has become an internet sensation for his work with lasers and his latest creation is no exception. The innovator recently took to his YouTube account to...
  6. A

    Amateur Aussie bodybuilder flexes for Arnold Schwarzenegger

    35 MINUTES AGO JUNE 05, 2015 9:26PM Video Image Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses his THERE aren’t many people brave enough to strip off and flex in front of The Terminator. But 23-year-old Luke Cinque was. The amateur body builder from Glenhaven in Sydney’s west showed off his...
  7. C

    Any bmw fans??

    Got a x5 4.8l bmw recently and love the thing. Cant believe how nice everything is. Next car for me is 2008 m5! Mmmmm
  8. spartacus

    Frank Zane interview at 72 years of age

  9. Jungnaut

    If you download, you get busted?

    As the title says, if I take uncle torrence out for lunch and come back with some movies and shit, would I get busted now? :confused: I have no idea what this new rule is about so please enlighten me, and why does it only apply to Aussie net users and not if you are overseas? That sounds like...
  10. Repacked

    How many hypertrophy lifters here employ a formal periodisation system?

    How many of you that are not running a PL program employ some sort of periodisation? What is your plan? Has it been successful? (PL'ers please chime in too).
  11. A


    Has anyone tried incredibulk by PS nutrition?
  12. kaz


    Just joined. So what do i do with it and who do I follow?
  13. A

    6 days a week?

    Hey guys I'm 16 years old and have been doing gym for about a year now. The holidays are coming up and I'm thinking about working out 6 days a week to look a bit better for next year, should I do this? Thanks!
  14. Shrek

    EP1C by Olympus

    Get on it Kunce. It's the next big thing. Legal I assume until proven otherwise. :) EP1C| Olympus-Labs.com
  15. aQuilla

    Any idea about the brand Supp?

    My teenager niece asked me about this supplement that he wants to order online. My niece is a skinny 16 year old who wants to gain bulk and by that he means muscle. I am a little bit puzzled by this supp because it is for gaining but with creatine and claims that it is best taken 30 mins post...
  16. kaz

    Daily Cock in a Sock Thread ***NSFW***

  17. A

    Racing Driver Admits He Has No Idea What Co-Driver Is Talking About. This Is Perfect.

    Racing Driver Admits He Has No Idea What Co-Driver Is Talking About. This Is Perfect.
  18. A

    Do You Have Any Idea How Fast Your Blender Was Going?

    Some people really love their smoothies. We mean really, really, love smoothies and everything about making them, especially the blenders. [Adam] is a big fan of blenders, and wanted to verify that his Vitamix blenders ran as fast as the manufacturer claimed. So he built not one...
  19. Bench Polkov

    Cheng Chung Chih - 66kg Sub-junior deadlifts 290kg for the Open Asian record

    Pulled raw in an equipped comp but actually beats the raw Open WR by 22.5kg. FML.
  20. kaz

    Gluten-Free people actually have no idea what Gluten is.

    Pedestrian Question - What is Gluten? - YouTube