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  1. U

    HGH: what are people’s thoughts on it. Is it worth doing. Results?

    Hi everyone. Just wanting to know if it’s worth doing. I currently have joint pains especially when I start doing weights on the lower side of heavy. I’ve been doing physio exercises and it’s not asif I don’t know how to train properly. So if it’s worth trying please to let me...
  2. J

    Injuries and recovery - peptides

    Is there anything that can benefit recovery / soreness or is it all just advertising bullshit? I'm on the wrong side of 40 now and really struggling with joint soreness - knees, elbows, shoulders constantly fkn hurt, insides of elbows between elbow and wrist get bullshit sore. Starting to really...
  3. A

    New study finds the position of your tongue affects how strong you are during leg exe

    New study finds the position of your tongue affects how strong you are during leg exercises SummaryThe tongue involvement within the isokinetic knee extension/flexion exercises has been investigated. Eighteen participants randomly underwent isokinetic testing at 90 and 180°/s with three...
  4. Fadi

    Side deltoids and trapezius with more of what you need and less of what you don't...

    Wide shoulders with a matching and balanced set of trapezius muscles is just what the doctor ordered. I like performing the wide grip barbell upright rows, as it really gives me a magnificent and simultaneous pump in both my side deltoids and trapezius muscles, however my left shoulder is not in...
  5. S

    Spud Man - you phaggots!!!

    "Andrew Taylor eats nothing but potatoes for a year to cure his food addiction THIS year, Andrew Taylor ate nothing but potatoes. It was an extreme diet that at first was criticised. Some said it was an unhealthy approach to weight loss, others believed there was no way he’d last 12 months, but...
  6. I

    Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves & Lever Belts - Check It Out!

    Hey Ausbb, checkout some of our restocked and also new gear below. Belts are due to be fully restocked, and we've also released some absolutely phenomenal sleeves - both knee and elbow. We honestly believe these are some of the stiffest and best about. Check out details below! 10mm & 13mm...
  7. Goosey

    Pre-fatigue discussion

    We know what it is. when we do multi joint movements the smaller muscle fatigue before there is any real inroad to fatigue of the larger muscleture in the exercise, hence doing multiple sets. as an example; (primary larger muscle) the press; (triceps) pre fatigue the delt's with a lateral...
  8. Fadi

    Mechanical advantage bodybuilding: extend your set intensify your workout.

    None of us want to waste time trying to build muscle. And all of us know that the intensity of a set is felt near its completion rather than its beginning. Knowing this, it would be logical then to take advantage of this fact by extending the set at a point where it’s most optimal and most...
  9. A

    'Dangerous' vitamins and supplements revealed in PBS Frontline, New York Times invest

    Troubling questions have been raised about the quality and safety of vitamins and dietary supplements, in a joint investigation by the New York Times and the PBS Frontline program. The report asked leading clinicians and researchers for their assessment of whether products actually did...
  10. A

    WADA and China sign agreement to eliminate illegal manufacture and supply of PEDs

    WADA and China sign agreement to eliminate illegal manufacture and supply of PEDs The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will help track and eliminate the illegal manufacture and supply of...
  11. Puggy

    ATHLEAN-X - Jeff Cavaliere M.S.P.T, CSCS - Opinions please?

    Hi All, Recently I stumbled across some of the ATHLEAN X channel video's. Founded by Jeff Cavaliere who is a physical therapist and personal trainer in America. Any extremely key salesman too by the looks of his videos! He has a pretty good history of training top athletes and sports teams...
  12. Fadi

    Bro Science vs. Science and what you need to know

    Would you stop what’s been working for you for years based on some new scientific study? Personally, I wouldn’t. If something has been working, it does not stop working because some scientist somewhere has “proved” to the contrary. A case in point here would be the application of the...
  13. L

    input on this routine

    Can I get some input on this routine doing this as a/b program 4 times a week no squats or dead lifts bad hip/ lower back Leg press3x8 Sldl3x8 Calves raise leg press3x12 Ohp3x6 Db side raise3x10 Rear Flys3x10 Cgp3x6 Bench3x6 Incline db press3x8 BB rows3x8 Rack pulls3x8 Chins3xmax BB...
  14. rino60

    Joint Compression Support

    G'day all, I'll be staying in Sydney for a few days (around the Quay area) and was wondering if there are any good gym accessories stores in the nearby area - I'm looking to get some Elbow Sleeves, and would prefer to try them on.
  15. M

    INJURY List

    Hi all, Thought I would list the injuries I have ahd since i started training.. These are since I started a little over 2 years ago (could be why i never did anything physical before) :) 3 Months after I started thought i would try lunges Pulled a muscle, legs out of action for a bit. 6...
  16. T

    Sacroiliac joint injury(si joint injury)!!!!!!

    I've ingured my si joint deadlIfting 3.5 months ago. MRI, no disc problem. Physio diagnosed me. I haven't stepped foot in the gym since until I can fix this. My question is, how bad was your injury? Did it effect ur daily life? What did u do to rehab it? How long did it take you to get back to...
  17. G

    Joint Support

    Like the title says, what do you reccomend for Joint Support?
  18. H

    Joint inflammation

    Joint inflammation - Fat intake? As mentioned in other threads I have put more focus into my diet this year from high carb, low fat and low protein towards macros being more in line with recommendations for body re composition. Since doing so I have noticed some joints have become inflamed and...
  19. Shrek


    Howdy, Lately I've been smashing the dips. I've been doing them first up when strength levels are high. My question is how do you warm up? I can't just use BW because it's like doing a working set straight up. I put my feet on floor and and take some weight off but it sux?:mad: How do you warm up?
  20. K

    SI joint injury

    So Im pretty sure I have an SI joint injury, no idea how it happened it was not a sudden onset. I had noticed that the si joint on my left side would pop fairly often for the past few months but no pain until last week. Im pretty sure its SI joint as the symptoms all seems to fit and well the...