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  1. F

    any gamers in the house? pc/xbox/ps

    what games do you play? got a favourite console? ( that ages old debate? ) best game you've ever player? I play LoL and various FPS on xbox. I loved the old school doom game scared the shit out of me when I was younger, conquered it years later as a grown man.
  2. F

    Short courses

    Hi Everyone - bit about myself, 10years+ of lifting before having kids 8 years ago..this put my gym visits on hold :( Stats pre kids, 5 foot 9, 42, did ~5-10 courses (Standard stuff...courses consisted of usually(Not all together!) sust 250, bold/eq, test prop, stan...and even the old sheep...
  3. Shrek

    Massive Bodybuilder Craig Golias - Looks Unreal at 330 lbs

    ????? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng76IS_Wbyo
  4. Shrek

    "Blaine Sumner 1102 LBS 500Kg"

  5. Reide

    My walls suck

    I need inspirational quotes, fitness info, anything to put on my walls because they are kind of gross looking.
  6. S


    hi,I'm Shima and I'm 34,live in Iran_Karaj,have 2 kids,love exercising and don't have enough time mostly,I'm new in this forum:)
  7. A

    What is your workout routine?

    What is your workout routine?
  8. A

    Buggered elbow

    So, seems I've buggered the elbow/tricep from low bar squats, think i was gripping the bar too hard lol. I've read as much of the previous posts as I can, and am now taking a week or 2 off, with lots of foam rolling, strengthening exercises. I'm wondering if it's primarily to do with...
  9. A

    For when burpees start getting too easy

    For when burpees start getting too easy
  10. S

    New to the sport -- Cycle insurance

    Do you have any recommendations for companies that are easy to deal with and don't haggle you for claims if need be? Thanks in advance for the responses!
  11. A

    New mod - white_lie

    It's been quite sometime before we had another mod on the team , to help keep order I would like to welcome @White_Lie ; onto the mod team
  12. A

    What Travel Destinations Weren't What You Expected?

    Travel is a great experience, and we should all be so lucky to see different parts of the world. But there are probably some places you’ve been that you felt were overrated or just weren’t what you expected.
  13. A

    Has anyone here bulked without counting calories? If so, how did it turn out?

    Has anyone here bulked without counting calories? If so, how did it turn out?
  14. N

    What is this preworkout?

    Today I was given 5 caps by a guy in the gym which is apparently something like "Javason" or something similarly pronounced, I tried googling but can't find anything. I tried it tonight and it was like fucking speed lol
  15. Repacked

    General food related banter

    I thought I'd move here rather than hijack the other thread. It was from Qld, from a shop called 'The Source', bulk health foods type place, and I know there is actually one at Prahran but The banana flour doesn't come up on their website so I'd say it's not a core product but one that is...
  16. A

    Blank Space (Crossfit Parody)

  17. A

    Reporter pukes after trying Tour de France diet

    NRK reporter Nicolay Ramm tries the diet of Tour de France champions, making a heroic effort to down it all in one sitting.
  18. Jungnaut

    SARMS - Your thoughts?

    Who has used SARMS on here and did you enjoy significant gainz in size and strength as a result from them? One that has piqued my interest of late is LGD-4033 such as found in 'Legend' by Olympus. http://www.nutri-verse.com/legend/ It's much stronger than Ostarine for use in a bulking cycle...
  19. steveP

    Bodybuilder Owns FOUR Powerlifters In An EPIC Deadlift Battle

  20. Puggy

    Reppin' Bulk Nutrients & their Promo Code

    Many thanks to the team at Bulk Nutrients for my supplement goodies that arrived. I don't usually buy many supplements, but yours are worth it! Got my free 'Super Shaker' after I emailed the Bulk Nutrients sales team with my 'AUSBBSHAKER' code. Also got some free samples which have been...