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  1. L

    need a plan

    I have had a hip replacment three years ago, i have started to go to the gym but am unsure of what I should be doing to build up the muscle around my hip. All I have been doing is upper body on machines and have not done any free weights. Just after some info on what I could do to start this...
  2. K

    Any advice for really really weak people?

    I'm very weak. I work up a sweat and get fatigued using machines on the lowest weight available. I've been living a sedentary life for a lttle over a decade. However, I'm not sure if that accounts for how weak I am/feel. Maybe I've got something wrong medically, but nothing has shown up in...
  3. V

    Looking for a gym in Redfern, Sydney

    Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right place to post but... Just moved to Redfern from Melbourne and am looking to sign up to a gym. I've trained at Athletique Health Club for the past couple of years in Melbourne (if anyone knows about it). Love a gym that has an old-school vibe but will be...
  4. Shrek

    John Cena’s Hard Nocks Gym

  5. A

    Portable chest fly machine

    Does anyone know of a portable chest fly machine without any seating mount? Something that can be mounted to a pillar or pole.
  6. I

    serious gym training

    Are you looking for gym training with new branded equipment?
  7. Acme


    what are the best machines to use for biulding muscle
  8. S

    Floor Glute Ham Raise

    Anyone do many concentric repetitions of these? I've done them at times but only for a change, never regularly.
  9. Sandin Face

    A horrible ripping sound

    The day before yesterday, I went to do some pull-ups - the kind where you grab the bar from behind, palms facing you - and as I started, there was this horrible ripping noise* from inside of the elbow of my right arm. It definitely sounded (and felt - although the pain wasn't much) as though...
  10. Reide

    Pull ups

    Hey all. I'm trying to get to the level of a fully fledged pull up. I'm currently on 40kg on the assisted pull up machines. So how do you know when you are ready to move onto the resistant band? I'd imaging there are some stability muscles that aren't being worked on the assisted pull up machine.
  11. Reide

    Does this happen to anyone else?

    Over the last week I've been going to the gym (most days) and working out (mainly weight machines such as the assisted pull up, leg press, seated row... etc) and when I get home I have my breakfast (typically a home made potato or pumpkin soup). After about half an hour after I've eaten I've...
  12. Big Mick

    Samson Barbells Seated or Standing Calf Raise.

    Anyone have one for sale??
  13. Goosey

    Full range exercise versus partial

    We know the benefits of using machines over the barbell. more volume is required in barbell work because of the limited time spent under tension. An interesting study revealed that 80% received only half strength increases and fatigue using partial reps while 20 % increased strength by 100%...
  14. Goosey

    bench pull bar ironedge

    This is good, but could be even better with rotating handles
  15. Shrek

    Free weights v Machines v Cables

    What do you prefer and why or do you use a combination of all?
  16. A


    who has one? what is your review on it ?
  17. Goosey


    http://youtu.be/EGcVb3wBL_Q this is how I workout mostly when using machines, I'm using machines more often now. 1. you can see perfect form 2. Pre-fatiguing 3. Perfect use on the smith 4. Incredibly high heart rate 5. Going to fatigue
  18. Goosey

    The leg extension

    Some say it's a knee wrecker. Some say don't fully contract the knee because it will fuck your knees up. i jumped onto my leg extension yesterday, to do my 12 rep's and noted that someone was using the whole stack. (id done a set on the leg press jumped on the hammer for twenty reps, then the...
  19. Neddysmith

    Training a female suggestions?

    Hey Guys, I have been asked my a female friend to train her and help her out. First off I am not a qualified PT or anything like that, she knows this and is fine with it, just going to do some training with her and show her the ropes and setup with a program etc and some advice to get her...