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  1. Stiff 2G

    NEW Moderator required, apply within

    Letz face it, Shrek's old fat and soft. Forum needs new blood. I nominate big Mick or bazza20 as new Mod.
  2. Big Mick

    Why Run??

    Why do people run? What are you scared of?
  3. S

    Best Takeaway for the health conscious Lifter

    My go to keeps being Subway - help!
  4. S

    Converting Lesbians

    Known this smoking hot Brunette for some time now. Seems she's been converted to darkness by this other Dyke. I just wanna stuff this chick. How to convert Lebos? I'll defer to some of AUSBB's most respected and rational posters: Cum Shot Grunta Undercover Big Mick
  5. Big Mick

    Asking for a Friend

    What would be a suitable PED's schedule/'regime for a healthy adult male in their early 50's Intersted in some educated comments. Asking for a friend:cool:
  6. 0ni

    Unless you compete, 250mg of Testosterone a week will give you everything you need

  7. Big Mick

    Has Anyone Ever been Haunted?? This is real!!

  8. Shrek

    What happened to Bodybuilding?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyIQF3isJ74 http://au.iherb.com/?rcode=ZSG863
  9. J

    Bulking foods

    What are the cheapest and best foods for bulking?
  10. Shrek

    2017 body transformation contest.

    If there is enough interest (at least 10) we may run a comp. Express your interest here. Nothing confirmed yet. EOI only for now. List: Simo74
  11. S

    Fuck me Nick

    Have you guys changed the formula for your WPC Vanilla Bulk Nutrients; ? Just filled less than half of my BN shaker with water then added 50 gram of Vanilla WPC. Opened the top and the froth was over flowing. More than half of the Shaker is froth. Added my Oats ( Big Mick; ) and now theres a...
  12. Big Mick

    Bee Keeping

    Does anyone here keep bees?? I have been wanting to do it for a while, and I am currently considering getting a hive of native Australian Bees once I move to my property later this year.
  13. S

    Are Grains Poison?

    So a year or two ago Big Mick; came up with the rather alarming statement that "Grains are Poison". Is this true - are Grains Poison ........ like Big Mick; said?
  14. S

    Oats - good or bad source of carbs?

    @Big Mick; reckons Oats are Shit, just horse feed he likes to say and he won't touch em. Are Oats a good or bad source of carbs?
  15. S

    Carbs - how much?

  16. A

    skin tags

    Does anyone else have them? how do you get rid of them? i have been chopping them off with scissors at the moment well atleast a few of the small ones , the big ones i bought some crap from the chemist so i'll see how that will go
  17. Big Mick

    Dropped in for another look.

    Dropped in for a look this morning since I am off work today. Only took me 10 minutes to work out that I won't be back here for a while, still the same mentally challanged people sprouting the same BS and arguing that the sky looks red, when everyone can clearly see the blue. I feel sorry for...
  18. S

    Supplements & Protein shelf life

    Something I have noticed in the supplement industry that I would like explained. I have noticed whenever I buy protein or any supplement from most companies (including the bulk selling ones) The shelf life seems to be quite long and doesnt match the raw stock they are holding and processing...
  19. Big Mick

    Rumble Roller

    I have been using my plain old foam roller for the last few weeks and find that it makes a difference when I use it. So as a result I am thinking of upping it a bit and buying a Rumble Roller, found a seller on eBay selling them for $99 posted. Not sure if there is any better deals out there...
  20. U

    Wheat Belly. Myth or scientific?

    lol. Seems legit ;) How Wheat Makes You Fat! - YouTube Wheat Belly