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  1. Stiff 2G

    HEROES keeping us safe

    Shout out to all our Emergency Workers; our Ambos, our Police, our Hospital staff, our charity Workers and everyone else keeping us safe during this Covid crisis. These people are working under VERY trying conditions at the moment, a lot being overworked and exhausted. Apparently morale is...
  2. K

    Exercise Plan

    Hi I’ve been doing a routine for quite a while now every few days and was looking for exercise to try on the days I have off. I only had only been using dumbbells but have recently bought a curl bar and up the weight for a few exercises, I’m also looking to by a bench and straight bar soon...
  3. leighaus


    With the popularity of sarms at the moment, are people still pinning cjc1295 etc? Most people I know either have moved into gear or are using sarms. Interested to hear if anyone is still on the peptides, and why ?
  4. J


    Hey All, I am Jay from Flex Fitness Equipment. We have just joined this fantastic community. Feel free to shoot through any questions or requests for deals on our gear. I will be posting up some crazy deals we have going at the moment. You can pm or give me a call on 08 9248 8628 to discuss...
  5. J

    Gym in Melbourne with reverse hyper

    Anyone know of a gym in Melbourne that has a proper reverse hyper machine? Close to the CBD would be ideal. I've been struggling with my lower back for a couple of years and would love to give reverse hypers a go. I train at fitness first at the moment and there's a GHR at the ones I go to...
  6. I

    Swollen ankle

    Hi guys First time on here and I've got a question. I'm in my 7th week of test and tren cycle and all been going really good. I've put on good size and so far about 7kg weight. I'm 6ft and at the moment 106kg. The last week or so I've noticed my left ankle has swollen up a bit. Not alot but...
  7. A

    At what moment did you find that out that just because someone is big, doesn't mean t

    At what moment did you find that out that just because someone is big, doesn't mean they know what they are talking about?
  8. V

    Best lab at the moment

    Hey guys Whats one of the better labs at the moment. Kind regards val
  9. Shrek


    Who's going to win? The Joker should win the mens. I think the womens is wide open. Serina is chasing 22nd GS. The pressure is getting to her and has lost her last 3 GS finals I'm gonna back Simona Halep @ $22. Just a tenner.
  10. Shrek

    "Eat til you puke | advice from the largest athlete in the world"

  11. A

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing copious amounts of powder?
  12. A

    Tell Us Your Best DIY Success Story

    We’re all about DIY around here and we’ve all had our shares of projects that went horribly wrong and wonderfully right. We’d like to hear about some of the cool stuff you’ve done, your proudest DIY moment. So, what’s your best DIY success story?
  13. A

    skin tags

    Does anyone else have them? how do you get rid of them? i have been chopping them off with scissors at the moment well atleast a few of the small ones , the big ones i bought some crap from the chemist so i'll see how that will go
  14. A

    kai greene releases a comic book

    p/8kzTDFTV8k Today I showcase to the World, A world that has been Alive in my mind for years. A world I have expressed through my many routines, At times mocked & ridiculed, Not knowing their true meaning of depiction, Through my many sketches in creation, At times to be defined by the outside...
  15. A

    New addon in the works

    I have commissioned a new addon for the site , i wont tell too much at the moment , but i am thinking a few might be interested in it
  16. A

    If you run/ ride/ walk/ swim alone, without music or other media in your ears, what k

    If you run/ ride/ walk/ swim alone, without music or other media in your ears, what kind of stuff goes on in your head?
  17. D

    I'm new here

    Hi everyone!* I'm new here.* I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself.* My name is David and I live in Puebla, Mexico.* I have been bodybuilding and taking steroids for years, and I am excited about the possibility of making friends with like minded people.* You can find out more about me...
  18. BrisVegasGhost

    Adjustable Benches

    Here is my latest addition to my self made equipment. One heavy duty Flat/Incline bench and one Flat/Incline/Decline bench Just at the frame stage at the moment. Pads to come 75x75x3mm thick main Frame 10mm thick radial arms 16mm hardware. Heavy duty Pop Pins....bullet proof! FID bench FID and...
  19. spartacus

    your single favorite spoirting moment that you watched live or on tv

    i love most sports, even watch powerlifting. But my favourite sporting moment was 100m final between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, 1987 Worlds in Rome. Both had same pb at time, but Johnson smashed the wr at time in 9.83. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzpADwTjBws What is your favourite...
  20. A

    Weakpoint Monday: Back

    Which exercises and techniques do you use to add mass to your entire back?