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  1. Shrek

    Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson - The Mountain - world record

  2. A

    How one woman dropped 50kg for her wedding photos

    After seeing photos of herself just moments after getting engaged, Haley Smith decided she needed to make a very big change before her wedding day. Picture: Carters Alexandra KlausnerNew York Post Email a friend SHE SAID yes — both to marrying the love of her life and to forming a...
  3. Big Mick

    Extremely Limited Training Time

    I have a problem at the moment where I am extremely time poor due to work and personal commitments, this time poor aspect will hopefully end early next year some time. I have not been training for a few weeks now and feel worse for it, so was thinking today that may be I should just hit up the...
  4. spartacus

    No excuses fatboys: step your way to health

    Convert Activity Into StepsUse this chart to convert activities that are not easily measured by a pedometer. Multiply the number of minutes you participated in the activity by the number indicated in the chart. Use only the timed, converted steps for your step count. Do not also include the...
  5. A

    Use Dice And A Deck Of Cards To Get A Different, Fun Workout Anytime, Anywhere

    A full deck of cards would be ideal. Since the whole workout lasts until every single card has been flipped, you can go with fewer cards to shorten the workout, or use two decks for a crazy challenge. There are three steps you’ll need to repeat throughout the workout: Flip a card: Each of the...
  6. Fadi

    Hang the "parents"...

    If they admit (and they have) to leaving their 7 year old boy in bear infested mountain area, I would not hesitate to do away with both of these so called "parents"..., 100% ignorant monsters is what I'd call them instead. I'm sure there'd be people out there who'd find some sort of...
  7. A

    Perth doctor warns female bodybuilders over extreme dieting techniques

    ONE of WA’s top doctors says young females are putting themselves at risk of “significant side effects” by the extreme dieting techniques they are using to enter bodybuilding competitions. A special three-month investigation by The Sunday Times behind the scenes at the fast-growing competitions...
  8. A

    What have you done to your bike today

    This is a thread to put all the little things that you do to your bike over the week that isn't worth making a new thread about.
  9. Gimli

    Hi from Gimli

    We all struggle in this world, many struggle in ways we could never understand but regardless of the severity one mans struggle is still a mountain for him to climb. I was 28 when I stepped up to the foot of my own mountain and from there on the climb has been arduous. Drink and drugs fed by a...
  10. A

    Paige Spiranac is about to become a big name in golf

    Paige Spiranac is breaking the internet. Source: Twitter THERE is more to Paige Spiranac than her collection of stunning Instagram photos, but it’s the reason the golfing beauty is breaking the internet. Spiranac recently graduated from San Diego University, where her college team won the...
  11. Neddysmith

    Anyone for a Meat Mountain?

  12. A

    Europe's Strongest Man 2014 - The Mountain (Hafþór Julius Bjornsson) highlights

  13. 0ni

    Mountain Dog Training

    Anyone else done this? My hypertrophy work at the moment is this and I am really loving it. Fits my personality and way of training perfectly. It's fairly high volume, you're looking at 10-16 sets per body part but very fast paced with HIT style intensity. You can find more info here: T NATION...
  14. B

    Mountain biking XC and all mountain

    Well ive decided im going to get into mountain biking. not to much enduro stuff but as something fun exciting and ill be able to do after work during summer. still doing the moto stuff but you need a full day and a lot of travel for that where pretty much a kilometre down the road there a...
  15. M

    Strength Training and Cycling/Running (Long distance mountain biking, duathlons etc)

    I have just recently started Rippetoe's Practical Programming program. I am pretty excited about taking on something new, however I do have a lingering concern that on this program, my running and cycling will inevitably suffer. According to his program...
  16. D

    [Cycling] Want to get into Mountain Biking

    Hi All I have always wanted to get into Mountain Biking, but have never known anyone who does it, so i have never gotten into it. I have one mate who is interested in trying it out with me, but we know absolutly nothing about the sport. I cam across ausbb.com from a weightlifting perspective...
  17. B

    Mountain Biking skills and Techniques

    J7dnXiNBDXE Let World Champion and Bikeskills instructor, Greg Minnaar help you become a better, safer descender on your mountain bike J7dnXiNBDXE This brief instructional video from Bike Skills will help you learn to jump your mountain bike as well as add skill and more control to all your...
  18. S

    John Quinlan...Pre-Contest Tip

    As I was dieting for a National contest I ate a lot of steak and chicken for protein....but as i got closer to the show date I replaced the steak and chicken with sword fish! Kept me feeling full without all the fat of red meat. I also used all the protein powders but you as the reader would...
  19. S

    [Cycling] hybrid vs mountain bike

    Hi I would like your advice.on my last post i was asking about a road bike or a hybrid , after talking to the local bike shop and weighing up the options i brought a trek 7.3 hybrid bike,its a good bike, comfortable and fast 700-wheels. But after taking it for a ride i have found that it feels...
  20. B

    [Cycling] The Ktrak: half-ski, half-track mountain bike

    taken by The Ktrak: half-ski, half-track mountain bike - Engadget with the cold winter weather and snow in the air , i would love to give this a spin down the slopes , not sure how they would react considering that when snowboards first hit the slopes they got a bad rep We know what you're...