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  1. The Hamburgler

    Olympic Plate Loading Pins

    This is both a question and a suggestion! I know that Markos has introduced the UDL to a lot of us. But KBs can be pretty expensive. Anyway, on YouTube I saw some people using a loading pin and a cable attachment which I thought was a pretty good idea. Which leads me to my question - Can you...
  2. T

    olympic plate sizes

    so are they all equal in diameter? is a 20kg plate made by Muscle Motion the same diameter as a 20kg plate by Ivanko or Eleiko etc? For sanctioned comps - what plate is used as the largest for deadlifts? 20's or 25s? are those 2 plates the same diameter but just thicker for the 25?
  3. O

    Rings coming out of my rubber coated plates - how to fix

    I have a set of muscle motion adjustable dumbbells but on a few plates the rings are coming out. Is there anyway to somehow glue them back and get them to stay in? I thought about superglue but I'm concerned it will rot the rubber. Don't have the money for a fixed set right now, need your help...

    Race to 6 plate Deadlift

    Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to keep the motivation up. So who's up for it? Make mention of ur 1RM as well. 1. Prison Mike - 230kg 2. Oliver04 - 230kg 3. n00bs - 220kg 4. Pottsy - 220kg 5. 180sx kid - 235kg 6. Haz - 225kg 7. Iron Alliance - 220kg 8. Unt0uchable - 200kg 9. TGM -...
  5. littlebloke

    10kg std weight plate $2kg

    We’ve got an excess of 10kg EZ lift weight plates in standard size (28mm hole) and we need the space! We’re clearing them out at $2 a kg or $20 each plus postage. These plates are standard sized tri-grip EZ lift iron weight plate coated in tough black baked enamel. They have a 28mm diameter...
  6. Ben

    How do you cook your steak?

    Post up any tips you've got - bastings, what to do and what not to do etc.
  7. Fadi

    The let's get HUGE food plate

    How BIG Is Your Food Plate? Ok, so your aim is to pack on the beef yeh? What’s the size of your food plate? If it’s your normal average family sized food plate, then you’re in the majority. Would you like to know how some people in the minority do their thing? Good, let’s roll then… First...