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  1. Shrek

    "Hifon Smith - Behind the Back Deadlift"

  2. Shrek

    Look at this on eBay - Too cheap??

    Skim milk powder or maltodextrin perhaps? Its cheap for WPI. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/181928901694
  3. Repacked

    The future of macros..

    Needs bigger plate, but pretty cool - SmartPlate™ is equipped with advanced object recognition and weight sensors which enable it to automatically identify, weigh and analyze your food intake while capturing a complete picture of all your eating habits. https://getsmartplate.com/
  4. Puggy

    Straps/Wrist Supports - what do you use?

    Hey all, Something I've never really used before are lifting straps or wrist supports. Is there a combination of both? I've seen Jay Cutler using them on his snapchat, and they seem pretty decent. More the point practical when it comes to safe guarding my wrists and dainty white palms. I'm not...
  5. M

    Sleep Aids

    Can't sleep at all lately. Melatonin leaves me groggy so trying to stay away from that. Anyone try somatomax?
  6. A

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing copious amounts of powder?
  7. Shrek

    "kevin Levrone - 2016 comeback motivation"

  8. Shrek

    "AC/DC + Axl Rose Back in Black Lisbon 2016"

    Broken leg et al. https://youtu.be/Z1SF7vZ6QAw
  9. Shrek

    Arnold Classic Australia 2016

    This Friday & Saturday the 2nd Annual Arnold Classic Australia Line-ups competing in Melbourne, Australia! Weekend IFBB Schedule Thursday -Athlete meet & greet: 7:00PM - Expo / Super Gym Friday -IFBB Figure & Bikini Pre judging: 2:00 PM - Expo / Main Stage -IFBB Men's Open Pre Judging...
  10. Shrek

    Ronnie @ 52

    [emoji47] [emoji47] [emoji47]
  11. Shrek

    Arnold on a mission to reshape Bodybuilding

    BACK TO THE FUTURE So in response to the question, what is his overview of modern-day bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger replied, “I am somewhat disappointed in the direction that bodybuilding is now going. Even for the big contests like the Arnold Classic and the Mr. Olympia, people are...
  12. Headley


    Way back in 2005/2006 i use to take this shit pretty regularly (nearly every day) and it worked pretty damn good. Anyone know what they have taken out of it now? Is it as strong/effective as it use to be? Is there any other metaboliser just as good?
  13. R

    Arginine vs AAKG vs Citrulline Malate

    I know that Citrulline is generally seen as the most effective in studies, but is there any benefit in taking it in combination with another NO activator? edit: Agmatine?
  14. Reide

    Waist width

    I've been doing more training then usual and have noticed my waist and hip measurements have increased. I'm guessing this is because I've been focussing on back muscles to help improve my posture. I'm pretty sure that it's not my diet. I'm vegan which pretty much eliminates 90% of bad foods...
  15. D

    Where to start?

    HI All, interesting in trying a pre-workout supplement, but trawling around on here, despite the heaps of helpful reviews, there doesn't seem to be any stand out product. Recommendations? Or is it such a broad area that you just pick one and go with it for a while? Cheers
  16. A

    What are the most impressive feats of strength you have seen?

    What is the most impressive thing you guys have seen?
  17. I

    Titan Shoes - Now Available!

    Thanks to everyone who patiently waited for our Titan release - everyone who pre ordered, yours are now well on the way - Christmas is coming early! :) To everyone else, the Titan's are now fully available, and an incredible gift idea for yourself or a loved one. Stylish, aesthetic...
  18. Shrek

    John Cena 611lb squat

  19. A

    Garden Shed Gyms?

    Given a Heavy Duty Concrete Floor,What is the Minimum size Shed for a Pretty Good Gym? What would be your Minimum Equipment? Any Innovative Ideas? Guesstimated Cost?
  20. A

    Bmx action returns to shepp

    BMX ACTION RETURNS TO SHEPP! The BMX Victoria pre state titles and Dynamites and Crackerjack Finals take over the Shepparton Bmx Club this weekend. Find out everything you need to know here:http://bit.ly/BMXOct15