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  1. Goosey

    Blood pressure and working out and health

    My family has history with high blood pressure. so I bought a monitor, for myself at a visit with my GP, I've noted my BP ever so slowly over the last 10years, I'm now 53. My BP got to 153/107 recently, I'm pretty lean, but I decided to also drop some muscle tissue and change jobs my BP is...
  2. A


  3. R

    Sperm issues in men and women

    Hi… I just want to know after sexual intercourse, is it necessary that women also have to get the sperm out? I mean if sperm never come out from women, then women have any problem? Does he need to take seek advice from physician? With men is it always happen that they fall sperm, but the...
  4. A

    Shaving And You.

    Hello Gents, I thought I would start a discussion on shaving. A subject that is rarely spoken about yet we all do it. when i first start shaving, i have always used a safety shaver , mainly because that is what my dad used and passed it down onto me have tried using a cartridge shavers...
  5. M

    Sore Forearms and Elbow - Heavy Weights Putting Pressure on Body?

    Hi all Recently I've built I'm my lifting to where I'm pushing some decent weight around (eg 130kg sets on bench). This is great, but I think it's causing some issues with my body. First off I got tennis elbow in my right arm, and then recently both forearms have started to get really sore. I...
  6. oioi

    Pressure cookers...

    Anyone has one and uses it? I've just got mine (a combo of 4 and 8 litre) and and used it few times. Love it! The slower cooker now is going in the bin. The flavours and textures are so much better. Also the cheap cuts of beef are super tender! Not to mention it's supposed to retain a lot more...
  7. vegas

    Blood pressure

    Howdy, anyone on here feel like sharing low blood pressure stories? I went to the doc today and mine is 80/45.... Diet and training are both from PTC and I've been on them for 4 weeks then had a week off and this week is my 2nd week back. Had blood tests to see whats doing and should have...
  8. Ben

    How do you cook your steak?

    Post up any tips you've got - bastings, what to do and what not to do etc.
  9. R

    [Cycling] Tire pressure

    i was just wondering if anyone could advise me on what tire pressure you should be running Does it depend on the conditions that you are riding and the type of tire you are running ? Thanks RAv
  10. A

    [Cycling] Tyre Pressure

    What is tyre pressure? Tyre pressure refers to how much air is used to inflate a tyre. What is the PSI rating on written on the tyre? This is the series of numbers written on the sidewalls of every tyre, it indicates how much air you should pump into your tyre. What pressure should I pump my...