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  1. B

    Spirulina + new Greens product added

    Spirulina is back in stock, plus a NEW added Greens Product! Well, you can all stop enquiring almost daily about this (lol!) as we are finally happy to announce Spirulina is back in the tonnes! Due to our massive popularity of our Greens range, we have now also added CHLORELLA to the family...
  2. M

    Test enanthate to sust 250

    Hi ppl. Iv f@!kd up big time iv been running test 250 and deca 150 for the last 8 weeks, Im thinking i might get another 2 weeks outta it before I'm out. Now before I get a ramming I know I should of got it all up front but I honestly thought that was gonna do for 16 weeks or so ( think I pigged...
  3. B

    New August Promotion offer - Any Greens product in 1kg size, free!

    For the month of August's offer, any of your orders at $250 or more will allow you to pick out ANY of our Greens Prodcts in a 1kg size for free! All you have to do is state what choice you have made in the SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS when you order. Thank you, Bulk Nutrients.
  4. B

    May Promo - free capsule product of YOUR CHOICE!

    As well as donating $1 to Prostate Cancer for every new 'Facebook friend' we receive for our May promotion, we couldn't go by and break tradition by not offering free supplements with your bulk orders, so for the month of May, enjoy your choice of a capsule product for free when your order...
  5. Fadi

    Fadi's review of No Bull Supplements WPI Vanilla

    Today I received my first ever WPI from Nobullsupplements. It was 1kg of WPI in the vanilla flavour. This review is based on mixing about 30gm of whey powder in about 300ml of lactose free low fat milk. 1. Looks: A very clean slightly off cream colour, definitely lighter than other WPI I’ve...
  6. L

    tribulus product

    Hey Guys I went to Go Vita today to buy some tribulus and the lady advised me to get Male MoJo, anyone heard of this, is it any good?
  7. kindred

    What do people think of the product vegechips?

    Homepage - Ajita's Vege Chips Im no good at reading labels as all the stuff confuses my tiny mind. They say they're healthy but companies always say that and the next thing you know you've put on 30kg and all your potassium has been bleached out.
  8. J


    For anyone who is interested you can buy PeptoPro® from the following links in Australia. :cool: Myopure PeptoPro Bulk Nutrition PeptoPro 455g : Wholesale body building supplements | Discount Protein Powder
  9. D

    Which product would you most likely buy

    Hi, I know this says its my first post, I had an account before, but no idea what email/username i used. I'm just interested to see which of the following products people would be most likely to purchase if at the "right price".
  10. A

    Training Product Reviews

    Training Product Reviews A lot of people have been suggesting various books or videos or pieces of equipment, so I thought it would be good to have them in one central place ,at the moment that place is a thread but if enough traffic and interests is formed it pay be turned into a sub-section...
  11. Dancelot

    Where do you buy your coconut oil?

    I want to switch from olive oil to coconut oil, but my two local Coles and a Safeway don't have any. I'll check out the local Indian groceries shop. Just wondering where you guys buy your coconut oil, which brand and how much. Thanks :)
  12. O


    Ok so I have been looking over the new range from Primordial Performance In particular the contents of each ingredient in the products. I have found in the Phyto Testosterone an ingredient called 5-Methyl-7-Methoxy-Isoflavone. So I have searched to find out what this stuff is and here is waht it...
  13. T

    How could you improve this physique?