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  1. D

    Sarms Australia

    Does anyone know were to get rad140 and s4 in aus or someone that will still deliver to aus?
  2. A

    genuine site?

    Hi all has anyone used performanceclinicsresearch.com for sarms? All good?
  3. G

    SARMS Australia

    Does anyone know if SARMS Australia (sarmsaustralia.com.au) are legit? They seem to be the only place in Australia advertising completely legal sarms, but they don't respond to facebook messages or emails which is a bit of a red flag
  4. B

    legit sarms websites?

    looking for legit sarms websites australia
  5. J

    Mk 677 form effectiveness

    Which form is most effective: Pill, liquid, powder ? Also is it ok to buy internationally as I feel shipping conditions may not be optimal (exposure to heat etc.)
  6. WoodyAllen

    Kevin Ross Interview (Muai Thai)

    I don't like the "iTunes only" format for Mark Bell's podcasts but I'm adapting to it. This one was interesting listening to Kevin Ross talking about mental discipline in training to ensure success in the ring. Mebbe check out some Ross youtube vids while you listen to it. Episode 21...
  7. F

    Introducing my Fitness Instagram community

    Hello, I wanna share with you my new project. I recently created Instagram profile with username fitnesspowerx There I posting pictures of people with great bodies for inspiration for others and i also giving them chance to get more followers. Currently i have more than 550 follows and looking...
  8. S

    Colgate colluded with rivals and Woolworths to rip you off - KUNTS

    Colgate has been found guilty of conspiring with rivals to manipulate the laundry detergent market. Household name Colgate has been found guilty of conspiring with two rivals and supermarket giant Woolworths to manipulate the laundry detergent market and rip off customers, in what its...
  9. P

    SITE FOR SALE - ProteinPowder.com.au

    Domain, shopify site and inventory for sale. After initially investing a considerable amount of time and money into this project, due to work commitments we just haven't been able promote it or give it the attention that it needs to get sales up and running. Check the site out here. We have...
  10. A

    Amateur Aussie bodybuilder flexes for Arnold Schwarzenegger

    35 MINUTES AGO JUNE 05, 2015 9:26PM Video Image Arnold Schwarzenegger discusses his THERE aren’t many people brave enough to strip off and flex in front of The Terminator. But 23-year-old Luke Cinque was. The amateur body builder from Glenhaven in Sydney’s west showed off his...
  11. DukeZ

    CT Fletcher

    I personally love ct he has serious mass and all natty....
  12. L

    Google introduces smart contact lens project to measure glucose levels

  13. J

    The Project on Channel 10

    I thought I saw a ad on The Project, lastnight about a steroid story tonight on channel 10. Wasn't sure if it was on the Channel 10 news or on The Project for Tuesday night. Just wanted to give everybody a headsup. Cheers.
  14. jchen

    Teen killed at 'Project X' inspired party

    A spring break party which was meant to emulate the hit movie 'Project X' turned deadly after several revellers fired guns as police shut it down. A teenage boy, who has not been identified, died from multiple gunshot wounds in the early hours of yesterday morning. The rave at a Houston...
  15. X

    Project Time!

    Hi all, Me and my team at university have been working on this tool for olympic weightlifters which can measure and graph the acceleration, velocity, force, power..etc You can see an example use of such data in training Here is a video of our version 1 prototype. qeAqf8-8vkQ And here's a 30...
  16. B

    [Cycling] How To End Bike Theft: The Honeybike Project

    With a $40 pay-as-you-go cell phone, stun gun, and some basic electronic components, you can teach bike thieves a lesson and, hopefully, foster a small social change through individual action:) How To End Bike Theft: The Honeybike Project - Instructables - DIY, How To, sports, tech - Entry
  17. A

    Muscle Asylum Project Optimal Dose

    Hey guys, Has anyone tried this? What are you're experiences/reviews?