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  1. J

    please rate my diet new to bb ( wat to change )

    breakfast 6am. 420 grams baked beans. 350 ml low fat milks mixed with 3 scoops horleys ice whey . smoko 10 am. mash or bake potatoe. carrot. beans .2 whole eggs. rump steak 200 t0 250 grams . lunch 1 pm chicken wrap ( home made ) 200 grams skinless chicken . lettuce. tomatoe ...
  2. O

    My home gym plans. Please rate.

    G'day guys, If you've ever lived in Newcastle you'd know that most of the gyms are terrible - one of the best gyms in town doesn't even have a solid floor. So I've been saving for a while working at woolies to build a home gym. I bought an avanti squat rack/FID bench and olympic barbell set a...
  3. L

    Running 2.4km in 12 minutes

    I have to be able to run 2.4kms in 12 minutes in order to to pass basic training in the Defence Force. I only just got my gym membership last week so am currently going to the gym everyday and doing an hours worth of cardio work to improve my fitness. At the moment I am doing 2.4kms in around...
  4. R

    rate my diet

    hey guys want your thoughts on my diet, coz i start work at 4am my diet times are correct so breakfast is at 2.30 most mornings lol. 2.30am- rolled oats with skim milk dash of honey (1 scoop of no-explode) 5.30am- no fat, low sugar yoghurt, handfull of grapes and stawberries- protein...
  5. B

    Heart rate monitors??

    I was thinking about picking up a heart rate monitor , nothing too dear just one of those polar $50 jobs , been told that a heart rate monitor is a useful tool for training Anyone use a heart rate monitor ?