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  1. Jungnaut

    Reps to BN for reducing shipping rates!

    Hey there sexy Jungnaut Before we get to our Product of the Month, we've got an extra special treat for you... our flat rate shipping has been cut from $12 to just $7! It doesn't matter how big your order is or in which far flung part of Australia you live, with Bulk...
  2. O

    Epic Gainz Capsule Trial

    Under permission from Shrek we are posting this here for you guys to be involved if you wish. We are looking for people wanting to participate in logging a new version of Epic Gainz in capsule form, we are in the process of creating. The more people the better. We are going to supply...
  3. B

    Last day of AMP Citrate (NO3X Pre Workout and AMP caps) July 30th

    We're sorry to say that NO3X will no longer be available after the 30th of July. Products containing Amp Citrate will be voluntarily withdrawn from sale to ensure we comply with upcoming legilsation changes. If you are a fan of NO3X, this is your last chance to obtain some before it's gone...
  4. A

    homemade 40W laser shotgun

    HE ADMITTED it was a dumb idea, but that didn’t stop this man from creating an ultra-futuristic homemade weapon. YouTube user styropyro has become an internet sensation for his work with lasers and his latest creation is no exception. The innovator recently took to his YouTube account to...

    New Formula True POST - Now with Ajinomoto BCAA's

    Just a quick announcement but our all in one True POST formula had had a revamp - a simple change but one that has made a massive difference to the end product. We have swapped the 6g of regular BCAA's for 6g of premium Ajinomoto Japanese BCAA's. This improvement has caused the taste to be...
  6. kaz

    The Internet Frustrates Me!

    And then this just made my day. Doing the rounds on FB.
  7. B

    AMP'D x - AMP Citrate / Caffeine capsules

    Sadly, all good things seem to come to an end in the world of stimulants. AMP Citrate's future is unpredictable at best so we've created a limited edition capsule so you can continue to maximise your workouts. Containing AMP Citrate and Caffeine, this is the ideal 'pick me up' to power your...
  8. S

    Rupert Murdoch's US empire siphons $4.5 billion from Australia virtually tax free

    "Rupert Murdoch's media empire in the US has siphoned off $4.5 billion of cash and shares from his Australian media businesses in the past two years, virtually tax free. According to calculations by University of NSW accounting academic, Jeffrey Knapp, over the past 10 years, Mr Murdoch's...
  9. Puggy

    Nootropics Log

    Hey all, I'm thinking there will be some fellow Nootropic users among us. A bunch of preworkouts have some form of Nootropic in them. I've been experimenting with some new supplements. I'm not a big believer in supplements, but I stumbled across something on the net, that I thought was far to...
  10. A

    Rate supplements(not steroids) in order of importance with 1 being the most indispens

    In your own opinion
  11. A

    Pre-Workout Supplement Thread

    What have you guys found that is really good on the market
  12. White_Lie


    So i'm looking to add some band work to my training, I was going to just get one of the 6 packs from gymdirect. Is this the best option considering i've never used them before and will get a range of sizes, plus works out cheaper than getting 3 or so individual pairs. What colours/resistance do...
  13. Headley

    Increasing the metabolic rate

    As i am forever a n00b, what should i take to help boost my metabolism in the morning? I found these: http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/buy/acetyl-carnitine-alcar/AC http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/buy/burner-combination/BCCAP or http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/buy/green-tea-extract/GTE
  14. KungFooGoo

    Ausbb Rate or Hate

    As per shit talking in a previous thread. This is an honest 'criticism' of ****s that post on ausbb. Be 100% if you think someone has a face like a smashed crab, inform them as such. If you looked at a members photo and got an enlarged pen15, let them know. Rapey drunk out of his mind, also...
  15. L

    I'm a novice. How do I rate?

    Hi all, I've been training on and off for the last 8 years; powerlifting training for the past year. Used to be a shameless curl bro. Was wondering how I rate among fellow novices? Below are my stats and 1rms. Never competed. BW: 72kg Bench Press: 135kg (with 2 second pause on chest to...
  16. A

    interesting places in QUEENSLAND to visit

    interesting places in QUEENSLAND to visit
  17. kaz

    Best Heart Rate Monitor

    Interested to see what HRM people are using. I am looking to get one to help track with calories that allows data to be uploaded to Computer. Was looking at this one https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=84374&ra=true I have a heart arrhythmia (SVT) and have previously been advised that they...
  18. staunch308

    Can milk slow down absorbtion rate of protein?

    I always have mix my wpc with milk at night as had always thought the milk will slow the digestion of it to help last throughout the night? btw i use full cream milk
  19. Gauche

    Rate my diet?

    Hey guys, I have never paid close attention to my diet but I'm now going to make the effort to planning what I eat a whole lot more. I'm 94kg at 190cm, 22 years and hold only a small amount of fat whilst the rest is muscle. I can eat as much as I want these days and never put on weight...so I...
  20. S

    Rate my workout??

    Hi guys here is my proposed workout based over 14 days, i know there is nothing in there to do with legs and that is because i have a knee issue which is preventing me from doing squats and the like unfortunately. Please any comments would be greatly appreciated in regards to muscle groups and...