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  1. A

    Why hitting the gym is good for your career

    TIME to hit the gym. While the likes of Bill Gates, Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg would likely argue otherwise, a new study set to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology argues that physical strength is often equated with better leadership qualities...
  2. A

    What are your biggest health and fitness regrets? What do you wish you had done diffe

    What are your biggest health and fitness regrets? What do you wish you had done differently?
  3. A

    Use The RPE Scale To Rate How Hard You Should Work Out

    The RPE scale challenges you to gauge how hard you think you’re pushing yourself, based on a numeric scale. The American College of Sports Medicine defines RPE as “feelings of effort, strain, discomfort, and/or fatigue experienced during both aerobic and resistance training“, but uses a scale of...
  4. Fadi

    Convicted paedophile and diabetic Rolf Harris in hospital after chocolate binge...

    http://www.smh.com.au/world/convicted-paedophile-and-diabetic-rolf-harris-in-hospital-after-chocolate-binge-reports-20151113-gkyvm6.html Capital punishment debating aside for now, I say why not a daily public flogging (or similar punishment) for such sub-humans! To simply provide (a living free...
  5. rino60

    Personal Training - Courses, Experience and Accreditation

    G'day Team AusBB - for those of you who've been around for a while, you might remember me. Long time member; I breeze in and out with long periods of inactivity. My training has remaining (mostly) consistent while my contributions to the forum have, unfortunately, not. I just wanted to throw a...
  6. H

    Competing in both GPC and PA

    Hello a friend of mine asked me if he could do a GPC competition and then do a PA competition. Usually people go to GPC when they are banned from PA so my friends desire to compete in both was surprising to me. Is there any issue for my friend to compete in GPC and then compete in PA competitions?
  7. White_Lie

    Olympus Labs Conqu3r Unleashed

    My order of the new Conqu3r formula arrived today so thought I'd give it a shot and write a review.... Taste 5/10 I got Mango flavour in the regular version and Strawberry Lime in the stim free. Used Mango today, it's not the worst tasting pre workout I've had but definitely not the best...
  8. B

    10% off WPI and WPC for Choc Coconut flavour only

    Just a heads up while discounted stock lasts. WPI: http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/whey-protein-isolate.html WPC: http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/whey-protein-concentrate.html
  9. B

    November 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hi there, This month we’re rewarding customers who spend over $250 with a free bottle of ZMA Complex Capsules. If you’ve been saving up for a big order you can look forward to keeping an extra $30 in your back pocket! ZMA Complex Capsules contain three compounds that are often lacking in most...
  10. A

    What is your heart rate before(resting) and after a sprint?

    What is your heart rate before(resting) and after a sprint?
  11. A

    Electronic Pulse Massagers

    Anyon have one ? what do you think of it ? I brought one for the old man but he didn't like it too much so i took it back , used it a few times and must say it does an alright job
  12. White_Lie

    Calum Von Moger and Steve Cook train shoulders

    I highly rate CVM, excellent face for the bodybuilding world, seems like a genuinely nice guy and always having a laugh. Picked up a few good points from the vid below
  13. S

    How did you start running?

    I find it interesting how people got into running. For me I was a overweight (30kgs) . Walking up stairs my heart rate soared. One day I woke up and had enough. I joined a fitness program ran at the local health centre ,I started walking and eating clean fresh food. Soon i found that my walks...
  14. A

    skin tags

    Does anyone else have them? how do you get rid of them? i have been chopping them off with scissors at the moment well atleast a few of the small ones , the big ones i bought some crap from the chemist so i'll see how that will go
  15. A

    NSCA Admits Publishing False Claims about CrossFit Injuries

    http://therussells.crossfit.com/2015/09/21/nsca-admits-publishing-false-claims-about-crossfit-injuries/ The National Strength and Conditioning Association is asking the public to disregard the claims its study made regarding injuries in CrossFit. After two years of inaction and litigation, the...
  16. A

    Steroids for Strength Sports: The Disappointing Truth

    Key Points: Many people think steroids make a massive difference in terms of competitiveness in strength sports. They are wrong. Other people (somehow) think that steroids don’t make much of a difference. They are also wrong. Steroids DO help people gain muscle mass and absolute strength at a...
  17. N

    Does my liquid clomid and nolva look like real deal?

    Title says all, clomid on left nolva on the right (Ive heard the real liquid nolva is bright pink like this) Also bought a measuring syringe, would 0.1 be 1ml? syringe goes up to 1.0 but I can't see myself having 1.0 every day for 4 weeks bottle would run out.
  18. A

    A Woman Wore Her Fitbit During Sex And Replicated A Classic Experiment

    GADGETS A Woman Wore Her Fitbit During Sex And Replicated A Classic ExperimentDIANE KELLY12 AUGUST 2015 9:30 AM Discuss 10 Bookmark FACEBOOK TWITTER4 REDDIT LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ Redditor noveltysin wore her Fitbit while she had sex, and shared the resulting graph of her heart rate with the...
  19. 0ni

    Coming off

    Coming off for a while Just focusing on other things at the moment, still training hard though Steroids are simply not a productive use of my time right now My main emphasis at the moment is on movement, getting everything firing correctly, good body composition and general health Nothing...
  20. B

    August 2015 Newsletter - our latest updates

    Hey there! Before we get to our Product of the Month, we've got an extra special treat for you... our flat rate shipping has been cut from $12 to just $7! It doesn't matter how big your order is or in which far flung part of Australia you live, with Bulk Nutrients your shipping will always be...